Monday, October 1, 2012

OMG!!!  My bi-ceps are STILL sore from all of those push-ups on Friday!!  My left elbow began throbbing last night and is still going at it today.  I will probably buy a brace/support for it today and make sure I wear it while working out especially!  Today is a weigh-in day, but I don't usually weigh until the afternoon - that's when I always weigh the least!  lol  - I will post my weight later when I post my workout time/results.  I'm not doing this for the weight loss (although, I'm hoping I will lose weight!) but more for getting in shape.  I travelled to Alabama over the weekend to watch my husband race (he has a mini-stock dirt track car) and could tell a difference in my body from going up and down all of those hills and steps - I am proud to say I never got nowhere near as out of breath as I had before whenever we went there.  Progress!

Today's workout sounds simple, but we all know how that usually goes!

     3 rounds of:
        100 walking lunge steps
        50 situps
        50 kettle bell swings - 15 lbs

Since I did 100 situps (!) on Friday when it wasn't necessary, it will be interesting to see how sore those muscles are today!  I'll post my results later and I hope you all have a great day!

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