Thursday, October 11, 2012

I just thought my ass was sore the other day!  OMG!!!  It is killer today!  Last night - my throbbing spots kept alternating between my thighs and my ass, so I'm glad to see my thighs aren't hurting this morning and I'm even happier to see there are NO lunges or leg work today (other than running)!  I really only feel my thighs when going up/down the stairs - so that's good.   Yesterday's workout was killer - or so I think.  Maybe it was because I actually did it the correct way - which was finishing each exercise before moving on....I don't know.  I think it was starting with lunges and ending with leg lifts!!  Oh well...I did it and that's the important thing, right?

Today's workout:
   For time - 3 rounds of:
      15 Bench Press, 20-30 lbs.
      25 Back Extensions
      Run 800 meters (.497 mile = 1/2 mile)

The only modification today is during the running segment - I will run more than I have before (which is 6 block segments on my treadmill), but also walk at 3.0/mph or 3.5/mph.  I plan on running at least 7 block segments on my treadmill - I would prefer to do 8 segments just because I like even numbers more than odd, but I'll have to see.  It depends on the soreness, which I hope is gone by this afternoon!  Wish me luck and a decent time.  lol

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