Friday, October 19, 2012

38:56 - 21:56 of this was on the treadmill, so not too bad!

I did 5 rounds of:
   10 pushups and 10 jumpropes instead of Burpees
   10 standing knees to elbows
   21 walking lunges w/9.5# dumbbell
   walked 4 block segments @ 3mph
   ran 4 block segments @ 4mph
   walked 4 block segments @ 3mph
   ran 4 block segments @ 4mph

I just realized I was supposed to use two 10# dumbbells w/the walking lunges - I only used one and kept thinking this is awkward.  I switched shoulders each segment and on the 5th/last segment I did half on one shoulder and half on the other.  I'll pay better attention next time!

I can tell a HUGE difference whenever I run - so proud of that!  I ran for half of my 1.25 miles - I would figure that up but am just too lazy right now.  My shoulders and upper arms stayed sore most of the day and I kept blaming the pushups from yesterday, but I really think it was the kettle bell swings that did it because when I started doing push ups today, they weren't too bad.  I didn't get wobbly armed until the last 3 pushups during my last segment. 

What a wonderfully hard week of workouts and I'm so proud I completed each and every one!  I can't wait to take my measurements on Monday morning.  :)

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