Friday, October 12, 2012

26:49 as rx'd!!!!!   First time EVER doing them as prescribed!!  YAY MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! 

I went and bought a jumprope ($3) and a fitness mat today.  I have to say it is WAY easier doing jumping jacks than jumping rope.  I used to be great at jumprope!  Of course, I was 12 or younger...I actually did 5 jumps without getting tangled up during one of the segments.  :P

Situps were very comfy on the new mat, but I still used towel because I sweat so much and the mat was slippery when wet.  I discovered today that I apparently sweat on my knees!  Go figure...the tops of my hands and my knees.  Hopefully this sweat is the fat going bye-bye.

Thrusters were easier than I thought they would be.  I used my adjustable dumbbells with 24 lb weights.  On the upthrust I actually kinda tossed them up (loosely let them go in my hands) and went all the way up on the balls of my feet like in the video I watched.  I made sure to balance on my heels when squatting and on the down-thrust.

10 rounds = 130 jump ropes
                      70 thrusters w/24 lb weights
                    120 situps

WOO-HOO!  Great ending to a very tough week!

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