Friday, October 5, 2012

It was so strange not working out yesterday!  I'll do yesterday's workout tomorrow (Saturday), then on Sunday I will do a treadmill or bike workout.

Today's WOD looks like a real doozy!

   100 sit-ups
   30 burpees (I have to admit - they do NOT look fun!)
   40 kettle bells w/15 lb
   50 knees to elbows
   100 ft walking lunge
   150 ft sprint

I will definitely have to do modifications.  Here's what I plan to do:

   4 rounds of -
     25 sit-ups (100 total)
     7 burpees (28 total - maybe I'll add 2 to make it 30 - I'll see how it goes)
     10 kettle bell swings w/15 lbs (40 total)
     12 leg lifts (48 total - again, maybe I'll add 2)
   1 round of -
     100 ft walking lunge
     150 ft sprint

I looked up how far 150 ft is, it's 0.028???/mile - which is less than 1/8 mile - which is what I'll do.  I might try to do the walking lunge on my treadmill (going real slow) - but do an 1/8 mile of that as well.

I don't know - I might just try to do as many as I can of everything before swapping around - as long as I can keep count.  I know I CAN do the kettle bell swings all at once.  I also know that I can NOT do the situps all at once and I seriously doubt I can do the leg lifts all at once.  The burpees look tough, but I'll see how many I can do at a time.  Wish me luck!

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