Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My butt is so sore this morning!  I just looked at today's WOD and I must looks like a doozy!!!  I'm actually going to try to do it one exercise at a time (like you're supposed to) instead of breaking it up into segments.  Keep your fingers crossed!

For Time:
     100 walking lunges (50 each leg)
     50 CrossFit Situps
     50 Jump Rope
     25 Knees to Elbows
     50 Box Jump - 18 inch
     25 Weighted Squats - 40 lbs.
     25 Pushups
     50 Leg Lifts

My *modifications* are:
     100 walking lunges (50 each leg)
     *50 situps - CrossFit situps are feet together, I'll try but usually put my feet under the treadmill
     *50 jumping jacks
     *25 standing knees to elbows
     *50 box jump - 12 inch (I don't have balance yet to do 18 inch)
     25 weighted squats - 40 lbs
     25 pushups
     50 leg lifts

I have a feeling I will have some sore legs tomorrow, but after taking my measurements yesterday it will be SO worth it!  :)

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