Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sorry guys, but I HAVE to say this....my ass is SORE!!!!  OMG - last night it was my butt and hamstrings - during the night it was my thighs (everytime I moved in my sleep I could feel my thighs throbbing) - this morning it's back to my butt, hamstrings, and calves.  I have already been doing some stretches hoping to get the soreness out.  It normally goes away once I'm up and moving around (I'm still drinking my first and only cup of coffee right now) - so hopefully it will be gone before my workout time.  ESPECIALLY since today is another run day!  I think Jenni secretly reads my blog and plots ways to make me suffer, and by suffer I really mean get in shape.  :)

Today's workout is for time:
   Run 500 meters (.31 miles)
   30 Bench Press w/20 lbs.
   Run 1000 meters (.62 miles)
   20 Bench Press w/20 lbs.
   Run 2000 meters (1.24 miles)
   10 Bench Press w/20 lbs.

Again - just a tad over 2 miles of running, so I will more than likely have a lousy time, since I can't run all of it yet.  I will run at least half of the running segments, but will try for more.  Thankfully I have a treadmill (it is SO windy and cold in Georgia today!) - I normally walk 4 blocks, run 4 blocks, walk 4 blocks, run 4 blocks for every 1/4 mile segment.  I think I will walk 3 blocks, run 5 blocks, walk 3 blocks, run 5 blocks every 1/4 mile segment today.  Since some of the segments are over 1/4 mile, I will run the overage.  OH - and I will more than likely have my phone in the exercise room with me so I can dial 911 when I pass out!  ARGH!  I got this (I think).  ;)
37:27 and let me tell you...THAT was hard today!  I just wasn't feeling the runs today (ha-ha), so I added 15 situps on the bench after I did my benchpresses.  AND I actually ran more than I walked today AND I ran faster than usual!  Can I get a holla????  lol

Anyway...here's my run/walk breakdown:
   Ran 5 block segments @ 4.2 mph
   Walked 3 block segments @ 3.0 mph
   Ran 5 block segments @ 4.2 mph
   Walked 3 block segments @ 3.0 mph

I did it this way until I reached the .31 mile mark for the first segment, and until I hit .62 mile mark on the second segment.  I did this on the third and final run segment as well, but only did 1/2 mile.  I am pleased to see that I not only ran farther amounts all together, but faster as well.  AND, for whatever reason, my calves weren't strained today but my butt is sore.  I'm sure y'all are tired of hearing me say "my butt is sore" but it truly is!  My husband is tired of hearing that as well, but since he's on butt massage duty he doesn't complain too much!  lol 

Can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store!!  **Just figured this up - out of 98 "block" segments on my treadmill, I ran for 65 and walked for 33 - I ran practically twice as much as I walked!  :)

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