Monday, September 30, 2013

Army Fitness Test #2

The only thing between you and your goal is you.  Truth!!  :)

What a crazy, busy, exhausting couple of weeks it has been!  All I could think about last week while keeping Addy was...if she makes me this tired now when she just lays around and sleeps a lot, what will it be like when she's moving and crawling around?  OMG - let's hope I survive!!  lol  I wouldn't trade it for the world.  She is the most precious little girl!

Today is my second Army Fitness test, so I'm hoping I see some improvement.  It's going to be interesting to see though, considering I haven't worked out as often as I was doing before.  Oh well, what is it I like to say?  It is what it is.  :)

Here are the results of my Army Fitness tests so far:

2-mile run goal - 24:00 to pass (minimum score of 60%)
   7/15/13 - 34:07
   8/30/13 - 33:27

2-minutes of push-ups - 10 Army count (20 regular count) to pass (minimum score of 60%)
   7/15/13 - 1 Army count (2 regular count)
   8/30/13 - 4 Army count (8 regular count)

2-minutes of sit-ups - 30 Army count (60 regular count) to pass (minimum score of 60%)
   7/15/13 - 16 Army count (32 regular count)
   8/30/13 - 22 Army count (44 regular count)

Just a reminder - the posted goal/pass numbers are specific for my age/gender - females, aged 47-51.
Very happy girl!  I have two new PR's!!  Woot-woot!!

2 mile run:  32:19 - I knocked off 1:08 from my previous time of 33:27, and 1:38 from my original time of 34:07!!  :)  Happy, happy, happy!!

Push-ups:  5 Army count, 10 regular count - increased by 1 Army count, 2 regular count!!  :)

Sit-ups:  44 - no increase/decrease here since the last time I tested...a little disappointed in that!

Overall, I'm extremely pleased considering I haven't worked out consistently lately.  :)  Great workout!!

Friday, September 27, 2013

I become a happier person the more I work out!

I become a happier person the more I work out!  This is true.  I can be in the worst mood (and have been!) or super tired (that too!!), then go work out ANYWAY and I usually feel better!  Crazy, huh?  :)

Well, I did not do the HIIT Mamas workout yesterday, but I did go for a walk with Addy yesterday morning.  I didn't have a carrier, so I just carried her in my arms like she was sitting in one.  She really loves the outdoors, especially trees.  I think it's the whole contrast thing.  Anyway, I went and bought a carrier yesterday afternoon, so I'm hoping we get to try it out today.  I finally figured out why I haven't been able to fit in my afternoon workout...normally I go upstairs between 3:00 and 4:00, and Honey-Buns usually leaves and goes to our truck yard to check on things.  Well, someone has to stay with Addy and she's been sleeping (or fussing, ready for sleep) at that time.  Since Honey-Buns isn't here, that's been me!!  I'm sure it won't be long before she's awake at that time and I can take her bouncy or swing upstairs and she can watch Grammie work out!!  I just won't be able to have my music super loud - bummer...oh the sacrifices we make!  :)  I will say that I cannot believe how sore I have been from walking the neighborhood with her.  It's always my butt area, and I know it's from the hills in our neighborhood, but still - I know my legs have been working!!  My shoulders are still sore from the 50 lb push-presses the other day, too.  My crazy body!

If I get to workout today, I plan to do the one from yesterday.  Just a reminder...
   50 -
      jump rope
      jump rope
      jump rope
      jump rope
      back extensions

Fingers crossed!!
Just looked at this from 12/28/12 and we did jumping jacks instead of jump rope, so that's what I'm going to do so I can get a real "compare to" time!  :)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Jump rope fail

Jump rope fail!  I haven't fallen down like this, but I do trip...a LOT! lol  

I'm glad to report that I am not really sore this morning, more like achy on my left shoulder - I think it's called the deltoid muscle.  It's the area between my shoulder and neck, but it's only sore on the left side...or as I like to call it, my weak side!  I cannot believe how much weaker that arm is from my right arm!  Crazy!!  I guess I can really tell because I used dumbbells instead of barbells.  Wow - an eye opener!!

I'm doing HIIT Mamas today - it's a "compare to" workout.  :)
   50 jump-rope
   50 push-ups
   50 jump-rope
   50 sit-ups
   50 jump-rope
   50 squats
   50 jump-rope
   50 back extensions

Looks tough, huh?  I did this in 25:00 on 12/28/12, so I'm hoping to improve on that - definitely not be worse!  lol  Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I'm on a very tight schedule of not getting anything done.  THIS is how I feel lately!!  lol - It's like, I'm SUPER busy but whenever I stop and look it doesn't seem like I DID anything!  I do know one thing, my little Angel is a mess!!  Honey-Buns asked me what I was doing last night when I went into the kitchen to wash up the baby bottles and I said "I'm trying to unwrap myself from around a little bitty finger, but don't worry...I'll just wrap right back around it again tomorrow!!"  My daughter mentioned that her mother-in-law said she might want to keep Addy on Mondays when she's off work but Katy didn't think it would be a good idea because she would hold her all of the time and never put her down.  I'm beginning to think that Katy and Andy both hold her more than they're letting on - she wakes up every time I try to lay her down, but the minute you pick her back up she goes right back to sleep!  This heart!!  I am glad to say I actually made it downstairs to the office yesterday and worked until 10:00.  I didn't even make it there on Monday...not at all!!  I've just got to get my schedule down and possibly change my workout time.  I was busy cooking chicken-and-dumplings yesterday - I was making extra to give to Katy so she wouldn't have to cook, which is why I started them so early.  I made it to 10:00 last night before going to bed.  I'm just exhausted by the time I lay down!  lol

I obviously did not work out yesterday, but am saving that workout for another day.  Today's workotu is from HIIT Mamas:
   5 Rounds for Time
      100 meter sprint
      20 cleans, 20 lbs
      10 pull-ups

I can do the sprints on my treadmill.  100-meters is 4 "blocks", I'll just get it up to speed then run the 4 "blocks" at speed before stopping.  Here's to getting a workout in today!!
I got a workout in!!!  YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!  I didn't have a lot of time, so I decided to do yesterday's workout.  Well, I didn't take my timer upstairs, but it only took one song, plus the beginning of another one from my Offspring's Greatest Hits.  So, that obviously didn't take too long.  I must say, using 50 lbs on the push-presses KILLED my left arm - it is SO much weaker than my right!  Since this didn't take too long, I decided to get on the treadmill and walk.  I was interrupted by one of my friends coming by to see Addy - she hadn't seen her since she was one week old.  But, I did get in about 12 minutes on the treadmill (.6??/mile), so not too bad.  Here's the breakdown:

45 seconds @ 2.5 speed
45 seconds @ 2.6 speed
45 seconds @ 2.7 speed
45 seconds @ 2.8 speed
45 seconds @ 2.9 speed
30 seconds @ 3.0 speed
*Above all done on 0 incline*
1 minute @ 2 incline - 3.0 speed
1 minute @ 3 incline - 3.0 speed
1 minute @ 4 incline - 3.0 speed
1 minute @ 5 incline - 3.0 speed
1 minute @ 6 incline - 3.0 speed
1 minute @ 7 incline - 3.0 speed
1 minute @ 8 incline - 3.0 speed
1 minute @ 9 incline - 3.0 speed
*This is when my friend arrived, so I kept walking until I went all the down back to 0 incline and stopped.

See y'all tomorrow!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

T-rex hates wall balls!

T-Rex hates wall balls!  I know I shouldn't, but I find this hilarious!!  I'm a little late this morning, but I am posting and working out today!  You forget how exhausting a newborn baby can be, or maybe it's just a newborn baby and my age!  lol - Regardless, I fell asleep on the sofa last night around 9:30.  Honey-Buns woke me up at 10:30 to go to bed and I fell right back to sleep and don't think I moved until my alarm went off this morning!  I could just be trying to catch up on my sleep from the weekend - I did not sleep in on Saturday nor Sunday.  I don't know why, I just woke up and I'm the type of person that once I'm awake, I'm awake.  I can't go back to sleep (unless I'm sick).  So, maybe that's what it is as well.  I hope so, because I really enjoy keeping my angel.  I just need to work out a new schedule to match her schedule.  I'll get it together!

HIIT Mamas was a "cat fight" type of workout, and I HATE those!  It's just hard for me to watch my little timer/stopwatch.  I wonder how much a really big timer would cost?  I would SO put that up in my exercise room!  lol 

Brand X is a rest day, so I'm doing CrossFit White Head.  I'm not doing the "buy-in" of 400 jump rope, however, because I do plan on going walking through the neighborhood again with Addy this afternoon.  I will do the main part of their workout, which is:
      Wall ball shots
      Push press

Since my wall ball is only four pounds, I think I'll do my max weight with my dumbbells for the push-presses, which is 50 pounds.  I'll keep you posted!

Monday, September 23, 2013

I do because I can.

I do because I can.  I can because I want to.  I want to because you said I couldn't. - If there is ever a sentence that sums me up, this is it.  What is it about being told you can't/won't do something that makes you want to prove others wrong?  I call it my "Na-nana-boo-boo!" know, what you used to say to others when they couldn't catch you?  I should shorten that to "Na-nana-boo-boo-titude!"  lol

Wow - what a crazy, busy week/weekend!  Last Thursday was spent cleaning, cleaning, cleaning - and yes, my house is spring-cleaned now!  ;)  Friday was fun, but SO busy!  When Addy arrived, she was wide awake so, of course, Grammie just HAD to play with her!  Honey-Buns took Hayley to school and picked up all of my paperwork from the truck yard because it was Addy's diaper change/feeding time at 8:15/8:30.  I finally made it down to my office around 9:30, spent forever (or so it seemed) just catching up on all of my filing before starting the billing and payroll.  Honey-Buns called me up around 10:45 because he couldn't get Addy to stop crying.  His cell phone rang and it transmitted through the baby monitor into her room and scared the crap out of her while she was sleeping.  So, I got her calmed down and went back down to the basement to finish up work.  I finally finished around 12:30, then it was all Addy, all afternoon!  You forget how busy newborn's can keep you!  lol  Anyway, I hope to be back on track today.  If nothing else, I can push her in her stroller through the neighborhood.  We have lots of hills - BIG hills - no small ones here!  lol

Today kicks off my CrossFit anniversary week!  Tomorrow is one year - yay!!!  I'm waiting until next Monday when I do my second Army-fit test to measure.  I'm supposed to do my Army-fit test this Friday, but you have to rest the day before, so I think I'm going to switch it to Mondays so I don't miss any workout days since I rest on Saturdays and Sundays - especially since I've missed so many days lately anyway.  Can't wait!

HIIT Mamas/similar to Brand X:
   For time -
      50 front squats, 20 lbs
      100 sit-ups
      25 front squats, 30 lbs
      50 knees-to-elbows
      10 front squats, 40 lbs
      20 leg lifts

I might have to switch around my workout time, not really sure yet until I see how my schedule goes with a full week in.  I could always listen to my IPod with head phones instead of through speakers while working out.  Honey-Buns normally takes a nap after lunch, but today's workout doesn't look "noisy" so I might do it a little earlier.  I'll play around with it this week until I get into a groove.  :)
Well, we walked the neighborhood - or at least parts of it.  We were gone for 30 minutes and about halfway through Addy decided she'd had enough of the stroller and was pitching the most God-awful fit (real tears), so I took her out and the minute I did she quit crying and started cooing at me.  She loves it outside, just not in the stroller.  So, I did what any grandmother would do...I carried her and pushed the stroller at the same time!  lol - We'll try it again tomorrow.  I might need to get one of those carriers where I can "hold" her while walking.  It will be like wearing the weighted vest!  :)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Life isn't meant to be easy...

Life isn't meant to be easy, it's meant to be lived.  Sometimes happy, other times rough...but with every up and down you learn lessons that make you strong.

Yep, that's pretty much true. looks like this is another week of out-of-whack schedules.  I've been spring cleaning my house.  I'm trying to get everything clean and sanitized since we'll be keeping our angel, Addy, starting Friday.  I'm so excited, it's ridiculous!  Nervous too - weird, huh?  I just don't want to do something my daughter wouldn't like, she's a little picky (I don't know WHERE she gets that from!)  I missed yesterday's workout, but don't feel too bad about it because I'm not just sitting on the sofa eating bon-bons and watching t.v.  lol - Anyway, I plan to continue cleaning this afternoon.  I'm going with Katy for her 6 week check-up this morning to help her with Addy, then will be busy, busy this afternoon.  Can you believe Addy is 6 weeks old today?  Yeah, me neither!  :)  Here's my favorite picture of her, so far:
How sweet is she?  Ahhh,'s a beautiful thing!  :)

I'm not posting a workout today because I am pretty sure I won't be able to get one in.  I'm very happy to say I did get a stroller yesterday and cannot wait to take my little girl to the park and walk the trails!  Especially now that it's cooler outside!!  Y'all have a good day and I'm hoping to be back at it tomorrow!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

We have a choice every day...

We have a choice every act on yesterday's good intentions or get an early start on tomorrow's regrets. - Robert Brault

Well, I'm choosing to act on yesterday's good intentions...of working out!  As you know, the girls came and we went to lunch then shopping to outfit my house in baby gear.  Yes, I spent a lot of money, BUT I did not pay full price!!  We went to a kid's consignment store!  I purchased a baby bouncer, swing, baby wipes warmer, and the cutest pea-pod Halloween costume.  I spent $75 - not too bad.  BUT, then we were going to Target to purchase bottles and diapers and there was a Carter's right next door with big signs stating 60% off and it wasn't pretty!  Oh my...this little girl has me so wrapped around her finger it isn't even funny.  I had Honey-Buns' debit card and needless to say, he didn't complain AT ALL!!!  I need to make sure I always have Addy whenever I have his debit card in the future!  lol  Well, we made it back in time to pick up Hayley from school, then I had to go do a yard check for work and Katy needed dog food for my granddog, Rex and I also stopped by Staples because I needed copy paper and hanging file folders.  By the time we got back from doing all of that it was 4:30 and Addy was awake, so we sat and talked and stared at her for a bit.  The girls left just a tad after 5:00 to go visit their in-laws and I went to pick up supper. time for working out.  :(

I'm hoping to do yesterday's running workout, or at least to get outside and walk my neighborhood.  It's beautiful, cool (no humidity) weather in Georgia this week and I'd love to take advantage of it!  Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Our strength grows out of our weaknesses.

Our strength grows out of our weaknesses.  It most certainly does!  I was talking to Honey-Buns yesterday and realized that next week (9/24) is my one-year anniversary of doing CrossFit.  I cannot believe I have stuck with it this long!  I know I haven't been super consistent this summer, but am getting back on track.  I also realized that if I had changed my diet any I would be super skinny by now!  lol  - I just don't really want to change my diet...yes, I have cut out snacking and stuff like that.  I'm drinking WAY more water - actually I only drink one cup of coffee in the morning, water throughout the day, a grape G2 after working out, water with supper, and THEN I might drink a glass of sweet tea or kool-aid.   I usually do not have sodas in the house, except Honey-Buns' - he drinks Sprite Zero, but I hate the after-taste of diet sodas, so I just don't have them here.  I will get an orange soda every now and then when I go to the grocery store, but not always.  Anyway, my goal was always to get fit, not lose weight.  I have lost inches and love that!  I  mean, I had a serious muffin-top going on with my pants/shorts and now that is gone.  I could (and should) buy new pants/shorts to see exactly what size I'm in now, but I'm actually enjoying wearing the loose, baggy ones.  They are WAY more comfortable!!  lol  I will say, I went to Old Navy with Katy the other day and they had v-neck t-shirts on sale for $7.50, so I bought a couple - size XXL, because that's the size I get when I buy in a "normal" store as opposed to a "big girl" store.  I'm always happy whenever I can buy off the rack in a "normal" store because usually their clothes are too small for me.  Anyway, I get home and try on a shirt to show Honey-Buns what I bought and guess what?  It's actually too big!  I'm very happy to know I can get into a regular XL like that!  The small things, right?  :)  I'll do a stat update next week on my anniversary.  Hoping to see an improvement there as well.  

I'm doing CrossFit White Head's workout today, so y'all wish me luck.  It's running, and running, and running, and running, get the picture!

10 Rounds for time, resting 2 minutes between each round
   Run 400 meters
   Bike 1000 meters

I really want to run this, but feel like I will bike some of it as well.  I'm not sure how I'm going to do the running, but will figure it out when I get upstairs.  I'd rather play it by ear or, in my case, by breathing!  lol  This way I won't be disappointed in myself.  I really have to be as positive as possible whenever I do a running workout.  If I leave it disappointed, then it makes me feel like it's not worth it and I hate feeling like that after busting my ass running in the first place!  I need to leave my workouts happy.  Weird, huh?  Oh well...that's me!  :)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Keep calm and exercise.

Keep calm and exercise.  Yep...pretty much sums it up!  I hope you all had a good weekend.  Mine was spent relaxing and resting!!  I still cannot get over how sore I was from Wednesday's hero workout and how long it took me to recover from it.  I was still pretty sore on Saturday and, of course, going up and down the trailer ladder to watch Honey-Buns race didn't help any!  My upper body was sore again yesterday morning!  That was one tough workout.   I'm still happy I finished it, but wish I had been able to work out on the days following it!  lol  I probably would have forced myself to work out on Friday, but I took Katy shopping for new work clothes.  She got a new job!  Yay!  She'll be working Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00, NO weekends and making $11/hour.  She's super excited and so am I - we get to babysit Addy!!  Honey-Buns will meet her halfway in the mornings to "swap off" Addy, then I will probably meet her halfway in the evenings to swap back.  I won't have to leave until 5:00 or just a little after, so I'll still have workout time!  :)  Speaking of Addy, she smiled at me while awake on Friday!  It was the most beautiful smile in the world!  :)

I looked at all three workouts today before deciding to do the one I missed last Thursday (and Friday!)  CrossFit Brand X is a rest day, White Head is cleans, pull-ups, and running, and HIIT Mamas is a 7 minute AMRAP of thrusters and sit-ups.  I'm going to stick to my plan from last Thursday.  Just a reminder:
      Hang squat cleans w/15 lbs
      Hand-stand push-ups
   Pre-programmed treadmill workout

I'm DEFINITELY doing it today!!  :)
So...I have been in a really crappy, ill mood all day and yes, it IS that time of the month!  Anyway, I went upstairs thinking I was only going to do a pre-programmed treadmill workout and decided to wear my weighted vest while working out.  The vest is 8 pounds and I figured that would suffice for my workout today.  Plus, my right knee has been acting kind of wonky all day.  I have to make sure I keep it pretty straight or it just throbs.  Anyway, I figured this would be a good way to get in a decent workout while babying my knee.  Well, I did the treadmill workout and felt fine, so I figured I'd go ahead and do the hang squat cleans and hand-stand push-ups.  I decided to stick pretty close to the prescribed weight, using 18 lb dumbbells (9 lbs each).  I did not time my cleans and push-ups - mostly because I left my Nook downstairs, it contains my timer app.  Anyway, I didn't really want to go too fast because of my knee and I made sure to watch my form so I wouldn't hurt it any more than what it is.  Great news - the knee feels fine right now.  At least until I keep it bent in the same position.  I just have to keep remembering to straighten my leg out periodically.  I don't know what's wrong with it, but hopefully whatever it is will go away fairly quickly.  I'm hoping my crappiness/illness goes away fairly quickly as well!  I was hoping to work it out upstairs, but not sure that helped.  Oh well...I got in a good workout and that's all that counts right now!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

It's not who you are that holds you back.

It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not!  Everyone needs to at least try, right?  :)

This will be short and sweet today.  I'm actually doing the workout that I missed yesterday, plus I'm going to add one of my treadmill walking routines to it.  I will more than likely wear my weighted vest while on the treadmill just to make it a little harder.  I cannot believe I am still sore from Wednesday's workout!  It's been awhile since my legs/thighs hurt/ached while going up the stairs and let me just tell you...I haven't missed it!  But man - my stairs have been killing me these past two days.  My upper body/shoulders/back aren't as achy as they were yesterday and last night, but there are still twinges going on.  That was a tough, tough, tough workout on Wednesday!  I'm so proud I finished it!!

Just a reminder of yesterday's workout that I plan to do today:
      Hang squat cleans w/15 lbs
      Hand-stand push-ups

I am definitely gettin' it done today!  :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Strive for progress, not perfection.

Strive for progress, not perfection.  Yep...that's what I do...every day!  lol  I am glad to see progress, otherwise I think I would be pretty pissed that I do this practically every day (except weekends) and wasn't getting any where!  Really, really pissed.  ;)

I was sitting on the sofa reading last night, when I went to raise my arm and reach for my grapefruit juice, and OMG - my arms were SO sore!!!  I haven't had sore arms like that in a long time.  Then, when I went to bed my thighs and butt were super sore.  I actually went really slow up the stairs because of the soreness, the whole time thinking to myself "this isn't going to be pretty in the morning!"  Well, I am happy to say it's not bad this morning!!  My butt is a little sore, but I'm sure that will go away once I get up and moving around this morning.  Thank goodness!

Also, thank goodness today's workout doesn't look too bad!  I'm doing HIIT Mamas again - mostly because I don't feel like doing anything too strenuous.  I know, I know....excuses, excuses.  I just feel like I have been pushing myself to the limit every day this week.  I'm sure I haven't, but still - it feels like it!  Brand X is a rest day and CrossFit Whitehead had jump-rope.  Lots and lots of jump-rope.  Well, that's the way I saw it, anyway!!  lol

   Hang Squat Clean w/10-15 lbs
   Hand-stand Push-ups - modify as needed

See!  It doesn't look bad, does it?  Yeah, that's what I thought!  I got this!!!
Went to see my girls today - no time!  But it's okay - my upper body is SO sore!! I hurt from my upper arms, around my ribs to my shoulder blades!  OMG, the soreness!  Will get with it tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A hero...

A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.  - Christopher Reeve

I mention the word "hero" because today is 9/11.  Even twelve years later, there are no words really to describe the devastation that happened.  While I know no one that was directly involved, I still remember that day well.  It was the first week I worked at home for my husband's company.  I was the secretary at a middle school and left because my father-in-law (who owned the company) passed away that May and it was just too hard for my husband to handle all of the day to day operations without any help.  He was constantly interrupting me at work with questions or little things to do (make out a deposit, etc.) so we decided it would be best for me to be around all of the time.  We had an extra room upstairs that I intended to be used as a guest room, but converted it into a home office.  I was in that office watching the Today Show while on the phone with a company out of Virginia that handled our fuel tax reports when they started reporting on the first plane crashing into one of the Twin Towers.  We talked about how bizarre it was for that to happen.  We were still discussing it when the second plane hit the other tower.  I can't describe the feeling of shock that came over me.  I never, in a million years, would have thought I'd live through our country being attacked.  I always felt secure in the knowledge that it would never happen.  I couldn't have been more wrong, could I?  My first instinct was to go get my kids out of school and bring them home.  But then I thought, why?  I didn't want to be one of "those" parents who freak out about anything.  After school was over, my daughter had a softball game an hour away.  I was really surprised it wasn't cancelled, nor was my son's football practice.  It was just a typical day of us parents splitting up and going in two different directions.  After the game ended I remember trying to call my husband to see what we were going to do for supper, but could not get in touch with him - all cell towers were overwhelmed.  Watching the coverage of the attacks and seeing the fear on everyone's faces fleeing the dust and debris - just running to a safe place.  Watching the rescue and recovery just drilled into me what a true hero is.  He is someone's husband, father, son, brother, uncle, friend who goes UP the stairwell to help a stranger while everyone else is going DOWN to safety.  He is someone who doesn't go home until everyone else is taken to safety.  He is someone who stays and goes through the debris days/weeks/months later, knowing that whatever he finds isn't going to be good.  But he does it anyway.  That to me is a true hero.  One who does it anyway.

Sorry for the long post - it's just one of those days, I guess.  In case you can't tell, it is a hero workout today.  Brand X calls it "the Don", in honor of US Marine Corporal Donald M. Marler.  HIIT Mamas is doing it in honor of our 9/11 heroes.  Whatever hero you choose to do it in honor of, just do it!

66 - Deadlifts w/60#
     - Box Jumps, 18"
     - Kettle bell swings w/20#
     - Knees to elbows
     - Sit ups
     - Push ups
     - Thrusters w/20#
     - Wall ball shots w/10#
     - Burpees
     - Double unders

I do know I will modify the following way:
   Deadlifts w/50#
   Wall ball w/4#
   Tuck jumps instead of double unders

I do not plan to split this up into "rounds", but instead I will do as many of each exercise until I have to stop to rest, then I'll write down the rep number I'm at and move on to the next exercise, going through the exercises until I reach 66 reps for all.  I'm sure I'll be pushing myself, but that's the least I can do, right?
68:19 - I don't need to say it, but...that was TOUGH!  I hate, hate, HATE burpees!  OMG - those get me every time!  Box jumps used to be my downfall, but they are nothing compared to burpees!!  Wow - so sweaty!  My sports bra was soaked, I could feel sweat dripping down my back, it was dripping into my eyes - even my pants were sticking to my legs!  SO proud I finished - this definitely turned into a "just get it done" kind of workout.  I was not even looking at the timer after I hit 27:00 minutes.  I barely crawled to it after that last burpee - and yes...I said crawled.  I only made it to my knees on that last one!  SO exhausted!!  Here's a breakdown of how I did things:

66 Dead-lifts w/50# dumbbells - 37, 29
66 Box Jumps, 12" - 23, 43
66 Kettle-bell swings, 25# dumbbell - 30, 36
66 Knees to Elbows - 22, 23, 21
66 Sit-ups - 66 :)
66 Push-ups (all modified, on knees) - 34, 32
66 Thrusters, 24# dumbbells - 25, 41
66 Wall Ball shots w/4# ball - 66 :)
66 Burpees - 28, 18, 20
66 Double-unders *subbed 2x singles* 132 Jump-rope - 90, 42

Thank you to all of our heroes and their families!  Words of gratitude just aren't enough, are they?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I'm tired, sore, and don't want to go to the gym...

I'm tired, sore, and don't want to go to the gym - which is exactly why I'm going to go in and dominate!  Don't ask me why, but I love this!  Maybe 'cause it applies to me on practically a daily basis?

I am sore today - WAY more sore than I thought I'd be.  I'm very pleased with my workout yesterday.  I SO did not want to run, but I'm trying to incorporate some sort of run into my workouts every day.  I figure I'll never get better at it unless I do it, right?  I don't know about you guys, but whenever I do four rounds of anything, it's the third round that gets me!  I just really want to give up and quit.  I tell myself over and over, one more round after more round after this.  What is it about that third round?  I forgot to mention yesterday, but after I completed the first round I thought to myself "maybe I should increase the weight - that was almost too easy", but then by the last round I was like "I'm so glad I didn't increase the weight!"  Man - were my shoulders sore last night!!  There's a little twinge in them and my upper back (across my shoulder blades) - I definitely know I used some muscles yesterday!  My feet didn't want to get going this morning either.  I stumbled into the bathroom this morning, but after that they were okay.  I guess it was just those first few steps...I don't know.  My crazy body.

I'm doing another HIIT Mama workout today.  They're calling it "Linds", but CrossFit Brand X calls it "Linda".

For time:
   10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of...
      Deadlift w/60 lbs
      Bench Press w/20 lbs
      Clean w/20 lbs

I know I'll use 50 lbs for the deadlifts and 24 lbs for the bench press and cleans.  I'm also planning on doing some sort of run/walk on the treadmill today as well.  I'd like to go for 1 mile, but it will depend on the time it takes me to do today's workout.  I don't believe it will take that long, but you never know with me!
9:34 - I'm happy with my time today!  That was a good workout!  I did get on my treadmill beforehand, doing a total of 1 mile in 17:54.  Sounds bad, I know but the first quarter mile was nothing but walking and slow walking at that.  I started at 2.5 speed and bumped it up .1 every minute, ending on 3.0.  I then started running and ran for 200 meters, walked 100 meters ran 150 meters up until the last quarter mile - then I ran 100 meters, walked 100 meters.  Believe it or not, it wasn't my breathing that was getting to me today - it was my legs!!  They just did not want to move!  My calves were so crampy by the end of the mile - I was really glad to have it over with!! 

I did all deadlifts with 50 lbs.  The bench presses and cleans were both done with 24 lbs.  I actually worked up a great sweat doing this today!  

Another day of working out is always a good day!  :)

Monday, September 9, 2013

I can.

I can.  Enough said!  :)

I hope you all had a great weekend - I  know I did.  The humidity was gone for the weekend and even though the temps reached almost 90, it was actually a pleasant 90!  Sounds weird, doesn't it?  The humidity here is beyond ridiculous - it makes me sweat like I don't know what, it totally ruins my hair (which has just enough natural curl in it to go wacky), and it's just plain ass hot!  I did not work out on Friday, Katy and I went shopping for Addy - got some great deals, then I cleaned bathrooms on Saturday morning, went racing on Saturday night (Honey-Buns came in 2nd), did absolutely nothing yesterday until Katy called to see if we could babysit while she and Andy went to the shooting range and out to eat (of course we said yes!), then we babysat our angel (who turned 1 month old Sunday, as well) until around 9:30.  It was a great weekend!

I'm doing the HIIT Mamas workout today:
   4 rounds for time
      Run 200 meters
      11 thrusters w/ 20 lbs
      Run 200 meters
      11 push press w/20 lbs
      Run 200 meters
      11 bench press w/20 lbs

I haven't yet decided if I'm going to do this as rx'd, or if I'm going to cut the running distance.  I think I will more than likely cut the running distance, but I'll see when I get up there.  It's not that I can't run 200 meters (I can) - it's that I don't see me running 200 meters so many times in one round.  Yes - that sounds like a cop-out, even to me - we'll see.  Maybe I'll pull out a Super-Berta!  lol
I did!  :)   I modified the running a little bit, but I finished - yay!  Don't you just hate (or love) that moment in your workout when you are just like...forget the timer, I'll be doing good just to finish this!  Then, you absolutely love the moment when you realize it's the last round and you KNOW you are going to finish, so you kick it in just a little bit because of the timer!  lol  It really is a love/hate relationships, isn't it?

Here's what I did:
   4 rounds for time:
      Run 200 meters
      11 thrusters w/24 lbs
      Run 150 meters
      11 push press w/24 lbs
      Run 100 meters
      11 bench press w/24 lbs
   Total time:  34:54
   Total treadmill time:  15:58

I did a slow, walking warm-up on the treadmill (not included in my time) before starting.  I just walked 1/4 mile, then I started the timer and started running.  I finished on the treadmill at 1.13 miles, so after I finished my workout completely I got back on and walked slowly (again, not included in my time) until I reached the 1.25/mile mark for a total of 1.5 miles on the treadmill.

Great workout, but I am SO sweaty!!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

It's not swagger...I'm just sore as shit from yestereday's workout!

It's not swagger...I'm just sore as shit from yesterday's workout!  This is ABSOLUTELY true for me this week!  lol  I will admit, I'm not as sore this morning as I was last night, but there are some definite sore spots this morning - my calves and my triceps.  I'm really surprised my abs aren't sore because they were killing me when I was doing leg lifts yesterday.  I'm not complaining...just surprised!   :)

I'm posting a workout for today, but am not sure I'll be able to do it today.  If not, I'll save it for tomorrow or Sunday.  My girls are coming sometime this morning and we're having lunch then hitting up a couple of consignment sales this afternoon.  Always excited to see my girls!!  :)

HIIT Mamas:
   7 Rounds for Time:
      7 - Push-ups
         - Thrusters w/ 20 lbs
         - Burpees
         - Kettle-bell swings w/20 lbs
         - Leg lifts

I looked at Brand X and White Head's sites, but they were both running today so I decided "nah, I'm good!"  Brand X wanted me to run 400 meters forward, 100 meters backward two times.  Yeah...I don't see myself running backwards on my treadmill!  lol   White Head wanted me to run a 5k.  Again...not gonna happen today!!  :)

Y'all wish me luck today.  It sounds like another "kinda easy" workout and we ALL know what that means!!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

I need sweet and simple today!

I need sweet and simple today!  My thighs - oh, my thighs!   Aaanndd my butt!!  Oh my goodness, are they ever sore!  I'm blaming it on the power cleans!  lol  

So, I really did not want to do any sort of running today because my legs are so sore and every workout I came across has a run segment in it.  I found this workout online awhile ago, and I think I'm going to finally do it.  It doesn't sound too complicated - yes, I see it has treadmill time AND squats, but overall it's not a lot.

For time:
   2.5 minutes on the treadmill @ 3.5 speed and 15% incline
   Leg raises*

*Start with one rep, then increase by 1 rep each round until you reach 13.

Basically, this is 13 rounds of exercises - which in itself sounds like a lot.  Of course, since I think it sounds simple and easy, it probably won't be!  lol  :)
Just so you know...this was NOT a sweet NOR simple workout plan!  OMG - I do believe I'm even sorer (is that a word?) today than I was yesterday!

Total Time:  68:35
Treadmill Time:  32:30

Oh.  My.  Word.  That was tough!  I am proud of myself - I did ALL boy/real push-ups through 8 rounds.  On the 9th round I did 5 boy/real push-ups, then 4 modified/knee push-ups.  Same on the 10th round, only 5 boy/real push-ups, then 5 modified/knee ones.  I did all modified on the 11th, 12th, and 13th rounds and I must say those were SUPER easy after doing real ones!  lol

I did not have any problems with sit-ups - never had to stop at all doing these.  Leg raises?  WHAT a bitch!!  Those were so hard by the 8th round!  I could only do half the 8th round, then rested and went back at it.  I did it this way for the remaining rounds.  I really don't like leg raises!!  lol

Squats were okay - I was able to complete them without stopping every round, but could definitely feel them in my legs and butt while doing them.

My treadmill only goes up to 10 incline (10%), so that's what I did the whole time.  I started off at 3.5 speed, but could not keep up without holding on so I dropped down to 2.5.  I added a "point" speed every time I got on the treadmill, working my way up to 3.3 before slowing down a "point" speed, ending up at 2.9 for the final round.

So..the next time I'm looking for a simple workout, I'll remember...this ain't it!!  I really wanted to quit, but pushed through.  This will definitely be a good one to come back to for a "compare to"!!  What's so crazy about this, is the majority of my time off of the treadmill was used in front of the fan trying to cool down.  Sweat was dripping in my eyes, off of my chin, down my arms - needless to say, the top of my socks were soaked!  Very happy I finished!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Double Ditto!! :)

Okay - let's try this again.  As you can probably tell, I did not get home last night until around 5:45.  Thank goodness Katy is feeling better!  I loved, loved, loved spending time with them and taking care of Addy - I even got to bathe her!  Of course, Addy hates baths, but that's okay.  I was able to do everything for her yesterday while Katy got some much needed care and rest!

I'm still planning on doing the Hotshots 19 Hero workout.  Just a reminder of what that is:

6 rounds for time (4 rounds, pack/3 rounds, pups)
   30 squats
   19 Power cleans w/65 lbs - I'll be using my max of 50 lbs
   7 Pull-ups
   Run 400 meters

I will do at least 4 rounds, but would like to push myself to go 6.  I'll decide when I get up there!
43:34 - WOW!  NOT impressed with my time, but I AM impressed with my determination to NOT quit!!!  :)  I split this in to 8 rounds of:
  15 squats
  10 Power cleans w/50 lbs - my max weight!
  4 Pull-ups
  Run 200 meters

I did okay my first two rounds - running all of my 200 meters, however, from then on out I would run 100 meters, walk 50 meters, run 50 meters.  The running mixed with the squats, mixed with the weighted power cleans KILLED my thighs!!  I really, really, really wanted to quit once I reached my "puppy" rounds - but forced myself to continue.  Honestly?  If this hadn't of been a Hero workout, I would have probably quit.  VERY glad I pushed through AND that I made it downstairs without my legs giving out!  lol

Great, sweaty workout!!  :)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Short and sweet today - I just received a phone call from my daughter (and yes, my heart stopped for a minute to see her calling so early!) and she has a stomach bug and needs me to come help her take care of Addy today, so as soon as I get Hayley up and off to school and do one quick thing for work I'll be going to Athens to help out.  I'm not sure if I'm bringing Addy back here or if I'm staying at Katy's - I told her whichever was fine with me.  Anyway, if I get to work out today, I'm doing the Hotshots 19 hero workout from yesterday.  I know...I was the biggest couch potato yesterday.  It was raining, and just yucky outside (which really has nothing to do with my treadmill!) and I just was a lazy bum.  I'll get with it! :)

Monday, September 2, 2013

The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them...

The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them...glory and danger alike, and yet notwithstanding, go out to meet it.  

Today's workout is a "hero" workout in honor of the Hotsthots 19 - the firefighters who died while battling the forest fires in Arizona earlier this summer.  I don't normally post pics of those honored in our hero workouts, but you know what?  Maybe I should start doing that!  Just another way to honor the fallen who have literally put everything they had on the line.  :)

RIP Hotshots 19
   6 rounds for time*
      30 Squats*
      19  Power Clean w/65 lbs*
      7 Pull-ups
      Run 400 meters

Above is the regular, prescribed workout on CrossFit Brand X's website.  It's modified as follows:
*Pack - 4 rounds for time
          - everything else the same
*Pups - 3 rounds for time
          - 15 squats
          - 19 Power cleans w/10-25 lbs
          - 7 Pull-ups
          - run 400 meters

I haven't decided how many rounds I'm going to do.  I do know I will do at least 4 rounds and keep everything as originally prescribed except for the weights with the power cleans.  My max weights are 50 lbs, so I'll more than likely just use that - at least start out using that!

Happy Labor Day, y'all!!