Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I am pleased to announce that after a nice, long, hot bubble bath last night I feel so much better!  I am also very pleased to announce there is NO RUNNING in today's workout!!  ;)  It's the small things that make me happy. 

Today's workout is 2 rounds for time:
   50 push ups
   75 sit ups
   50 front squats w/20 lbs
   75 jump rope

I got this!

No time today!  :(  I had to stuff treat bags after I went to buy candy...I refused to have candy in my house so I wouldn't be tempted to eat it!  I will do this one on Saturday!  :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sorry guys, but I HAVE to say ass is SORE!!!!  OMG - last night it was my butt and hamstrings - during the night it was my thighs (everytime I moved in my sleep I could feel my thighs throbbing) - this morning it's back to my butt, hamstrings, and calves.  I have already been doing some stretches hoping to get the soreness out.  It normally goes away once I'm up and moving around (I'm still drinking my first and only cup of coffee right now) - so hopefully it will be gone before my workout time.  ESPECIALLY since today is another run day!  I think Jenni secretly reads my blog and plots ways to make me suffer, and by suffer I really mean get in shape.  :)

Today's workout is for time:
   Run 500 meters (.31 miles)
   30 Bench Press w/20 lbs.
   Run 1000 meters (.62 miles)
   20 Bench Press w/20 lbs.
   Run 2000 meters (1.24 miles)
   10 Bench Press w/20 lbs.

Again - just a tad over 2 miles of running, so I will more than likely have a lousy time, since I can't run all of it yet.  I will run at least half of the running segments, but will try for more.  Thankfully I have a treadmill (it is SO windy and cold in Georgia today!) - I normally walk 4 blocks, run 4 blocks, walk 4 blocks, run 4 blocks for every 1/4 mile segment.  I think I will walk 3 blocks, run 5 blocks, walk 3 blocks, run 5 blocks every 1/4 mile segment today.  Since some of the segments are over 1/4 mile, I will run the overage.  OH - and I will more than likely have my phone in the exercise room with me so I can dial 911 when I pass out!  ARGH!  I got this (I think).  ;)
37:27 and let me tell you...THAT was hard today!  I just wasn't feeling the runs today (ha-ha), so I added 15 situps on the bench after I did my benchpresses.  AND I actually ran more than I walked today AND I ran faster than usual!  Can I get a holla????  lol's my run/walk breakdown:
   Ran 5 block segments @ 4.2 mph
   Walked 3 block segments @ 3.0 mph
   Ran 5 block segments @ 4.2 mph
   Walked 3 block segments @ 3.0 mph

I did it this way until I reached the .31 mile mark for the first segment, and until I hit .62 mile mark on the second segment.  I did this on the third and final run segment as well, but only did 1/2 mile.  I am pleased to see that I not only ran farther amounts all together, but faster as well.  AND, for whatever reason, my calves weren't strained today but my butt is sore.  I'm sure y'all are tired of hearing me say "my butt is sore" but it truly is!  My husband is tired of hearing that as well, but since he's on butt massage duty he doesn't complain too much!  lol 

Can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store!!  **Just figured this up - out of 98 "block" segments on my treadmill, I ran for 65 and walked for 33 - I ran practically twice as much as I walked!  :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

5 Week Check-In

SO happy to say...after 5 weeks of CrossFit, I have lost a total of 13.25 inches!  Woo-hoo!!!  AND I feel 100% better - more energetic and stronger.  YAY for CrossFit!

Body Part:        9/24/12     10/29/12     Difference of:
Upper Arm R     15.5           15.25            -.25
Upper Arm L     15.5           15.25            -.25
Bust                   42               39.25           -2.75
Waist                 49               44.5             -4.5
Hips                   56               53                -3
Thigh R             29.5            28.75           -.75
Thigh L             30               29.5             -.5
Calf R               20.25           20               -.25
Calf L               21                20               -1


Today's workout is for time:
   21 - 18 - 15 - 12 - 9 - 6 -3 reps of...
     Sumo Deadlift High Pulls w/20 lbs
     Lateral Jumps over 18" obstacle

16:11 - I modified my 18 inch high obstacle to 9 inches. 

For those of you who don't know, lateral jumps are done over a pole (I used a broom handle, balanced on my aerobic step and a trash can on it's side).  You basically jump over the pole, side to side.  Sounds easy, huh?  Yeah...not!  My first round was just trying to jump with both feet, knees up high and landing on both feet.  I kept wanting to do this little skip, one-legged jump thing - but I am proud to say I finally got it together and DID NOT fall once!  In fact, the only time I knocked the broom handle off was when I would land too close to it - and even then that only happened when jumping from the right side to the left.  Weird, huh? 

This definitely got my heartrate going and the sweat pouring!  Other CrossFitters were posting times in the 6 minute range, and all I can say is WOW!  I don't see how they did it, especially if they jumped 18" high!  AWESOME job - can't wait until that's me one day.  :)

**Update**Just wanted to let you know how SORE my ass, hamstrings, and calves are.  Did not seem like I was working the back of my legs while I was doing these exercises, so I'm surprised at how achy my butt is!  Hopefully, it won't be too bad in the morning.  :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

This week's workouts have really worn me out.  I'm usually a semi-night owl - meaning I go to bed anywhere between 11:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. and get up at 6: a.m.  Well...this week I have gone to bed at 9:30 p.m. on three different nights!  Normally whenever I go to bed that early, I always wake up around 3:00 a.m. and cannot go back to sleep - not this week.  SO exhausted.  I'm guessing it's from all of that running that Jenni has been making me do.  ;)  Guess what today's workout includes? do.  BUT - it's not very much/far - I should be able to do all of the running with NO walking!  YAY!!

Today's workout is 5 rounds for time:
   12 push press w/20 lbs
   40 meter sprint (0.024/mile)
   8 hang squat cleans w/20 lbs

I am going to run the sprint and plan on running faster than my normal speed of 4.1/mph.  Wish me luck!!
6:24 - As prescribed with 24 lb dumbbells!!  WOO-HOO!!  I not only did today's workout as rx'd, BUT I stayed within everyone else's times!!  YIPPPEEEEE!!!  I had to do this one in the basement.  I totally read the workout wrong - the sprints are sprint touchbacks...where you run from one spot to another, touch the ground, run back, touch the ground, etc.  I used two doggie toys and left them on the floor at one end of the basement, started on the opposite end - ran picked up a toy, ran back and dropped the toy, ran and picked up the other toy, ran back and dropped it, and finally ran and touched the wall.  The directions called for 4 10-meter runs, however, my husband said our basement was 26 feet long and I looked up to see how many feet 10 meters were (32 feet), so I added a 5th to make up the difference.

My shoulders were burning during the 4th and 5th round, and (of course) so were my thighs from the squat hang cleans.  This really got my heart rate going and the sweat pouring!   But best of all - I did prescribed...times right around everyone else's...AND I feel proud again!  I was getting worried...between the running workouts and the one-legged squat disaster, I wasn't feeling that great about this week's workout.  Today made up for it!  Can't wait for measurement Monday!  :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I seriously believe Jenni is trying to kill me!!  For those of you who don't know, Jenni is the one who posts the CrossFit Mamas blog.  I don't think it's her, but I picture the woman on the top of the blog page with a megaphone in hand screaming at  me, "Run, Berta, run!!!" and giving off the snarkiest, evilist laugh!  Did I mention there is more running in the workout today?  Oh yeah...there is.  At least it's less than yesterday and the day before.  Running....yay.  When I said I wanted to be a runner, I didn't mean I wanted to be an EVERY day runner!  lol  - At least there are no one-legged squats today!

Today's workout is for run time and "tabata" time (I'll explain that below):
   Run 1000 meters (.62/mile)
   Rest 4 minutes
   8 rounds of dumbbell "tabata" thrusters
     - "tabata" - do as many reps each round of 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds in between rounds
        - during rest period, write down number of reps
        - "tabata" time is the lowest number
           - EX:  someone had a run time of 4:23 and tabata time of 11

1000 meters - 10:50 - I did my usual walk/run combo but at a different speed - walked 4 blocks @ 3.1/mph and ran 4 blocks @ 4.1/mph

SO mad at tabata thrusters!  I used two 12# dumbbells (total of 24 lbs) and did 12 reps, 11 reps, 11 reps, 10 reps, 10 reps, 10 reps, 9 reps, 8 reps.  This brings  my tabata time to 8!!  One lousy round of 8 and that's what I have to use!  Why can't we average it?  My average would have been 10!  I don't know - I just do what they tell me.  :)

I thought this sounded like a very easy workout, but the thrusters were killer at the rate of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off!  I finally got my breathing back to normal, but am still sweating right now!

I really need to remember to stretch my calves - they are burning SO bad right after I run 1/4 mile - I had to stop and stretch them again today.  Then, when my run was over - they started cramping up on me - so more stretches.  I really thought running would get easier, but so far it's not.  :/  I get so frustrated with that! 

At least I ended my exercise on a positive note today with the thrusters - until I hit my last rep!  lol

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A friend of mine shared her workout "motto" with me.  I like it, what do you think?

I have to admit, my upper thighs are a little sore this morning but nowhere near as sore as they were last night.  I just peeked at today's workout and guess what...MORE RUNNING!  AARRGGHH!!!  I'll be okay - I'm getting stronger.

For time:
   30 hang cleans w/20 lbs
   50 alternating 1-legged squats - 25 each leg
   Run 2000 meters (1.25 miles)

I believe I will do the run segment first - especially after reading some of the blog posts.  I would rather do that first and run as far as I can, than struggle with the running part at the end.  I am still so proud that I ran as much as I did yesterday - I really had convinced myself to stop after the 3/4 mile segment, but the soreness in my calves went away and I did it!
28:25 - As I predicted earlier, I did the run first and I am SO glad I did.  I did my walk 4 blocks/run 4 blocks combination like yesterday until I reached 1.25 miles.  I have to admit, I did NOT want to run today.  I also need to remember to stretch my calf muscles before I run.  They were burning between the 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile point.  I stopped after 1/2 mile to stretch them, then I was good for the remainder.  My treadmill time was 21:59 and I burned 158.7 calories on it.  :)

I used two 12 lb dumbbells (24 lb total) for the hang cleans.  I thought it was too light at first, but by the time I got to 20 of those suckers I was glad I didn't increase it!  I was struggling from 25-30, but I did it!

Someone at CrossFit Mamas suggested using a step or box for the one-legged squats so you wouldn't have to lift your non-squatting leg so high - so I used my aerobic step set at 18 in., but discovered I didn't need it.  I could not squat very deep, but man-oh-man...those were hard and PAINFUL!!  I'm so glad I chose to run first.  I had my fingertips touching the wall for balance and really squatted as low as I could on the last 5, but was embarrassed it was not as low as my normal squats.  I found a video to watch of a guy doing these and found out they are called Pistol Squats with the idea being your body kinda looks like a pistol when you're in the squat position - one leg straight out while squatting on the other leg.  I'm choosing to call my squats Broke-Ass Pistol Squats 'cause that's what I looked like!!

All in all - a VERY good workout.  Treadmill time was 21:59 and the other exercise time was 6:26.  I really hope we do NOT run anymore this week.  If I only had a dime for every time I have said "I am not a quitter!" or "I will not quit!" in my head this week I would have a nice chunk of change!!!  No pain, no gain - right?  RIGHT!  :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This is me - AFTER running today!  I know I'm super red, but I am super PROUD!!  Today's workout was all running - which we all know I'm not very good at, so I modified.  On my treadmill, I walked 4 blocks @ 3mph then ran 4 blocks @ 4mph.  I didn't go by today's posted rest times either - I had to rest more often and for a little longer than prescribed, but I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!

I have never (that I can recall) ran 1.25 miles...EVER!  I thought there was no way I could do this today - my calf muscles were killing me during the first 1/2 mile of the 1600 meter segment.  When I stopped to rest, I stretched my calf muscles as much as I could - they were killing me!  Just when I had decided I was going to stop no matter what after doing the 1200 meter segment, I thought...let's try it and it actually seemed to be easier.  In fact, I kept thinking I had hit the 2mph button instead of the 3mph button when walking - it just seemed really slow.  Crazy, huh?

Here's the breakdown of my workout today:

   1600 meters - 17:38 - walked 4 blocks, ran 4 blocks - all the way until I finished 1/2 mile, then I stopped and rested for a couple of minutes (not super long because the song that was on did not end), then I continued with the walk/run combo until I finished the next 1/2 mile

   Rested for a couple of minutes

   1200 meters - 13:11 - same deal as before with walk/run until I completed a walk/run/walk segment on the second lap (during my 1/2 mile part) - then I rested for a couple of minutes, then continued with the walk/run combo until I reached 3/4 mile

   800 meters - 8:49 - again, same deal, but I stopped and rested after 1/4 mile segment, then continued walking/running until I hit the 1/2 mile point

   400 meters - 4:26 - same as before but I did not stop and rest at all during this segment

Overall, I was in my exercise room for at least 60 minutes - of which 44:04 was on the treadmill.  I am one big, walking (barely), sweat-ball right now!  SO proud of me!!!!!!

Yesterday's workout wore me out - I was so exhausted afterwards and never really got my energy back!  I even went to bed at 9:30 - took my Nook upstairs just in case I woke up in the middle of the night unable to sleep anymore, but didn't need it.  I conked out all night long!  My butt and my thighs are a little sore this morning but nothing compared to what they were last night.  I looked up the difference between dumbbell thrusters and push-presses because they looked so similar in the videos and discovered I was not doing the thrusters correctly.  You're supposed to squat deeped for thrusters than for push-presses, and kinda hold the weight over your head for a second or two and descend your arms slowly, so that's what I did.  Let me tell you...I can feel it in my thighs and ass today!!

Today's workout will be a difficult one for me, since I'm not a runner and it consists of nothing BUT running!  I will give it my best shot though. 

   For time:
     Run 1600 meters
     Rest 3 minutes
     Run 1200 meters
     Rest 2 minutes
     Run 800 meters
     Rest 1 minute
     Run 400 meters

I've mentioned before - 400 meters is just a hair over 1/4 mile.   Today's workout is for a total of 2.5 miles, which I've done on my treadmill before - just not running.  I will run as much and as far as I can and will definitely improve from my previous runs.  Just know - my time will probably be the suckiest today.  I got this, though.  :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

4 Week Stats

Today is a measurement day!

No weigh in, though.  I'm still in a hate/hate relationship with my scales - they do NOT make me feel good at all!  Hopefully they will please me in the future, but right now - screw 'em!  I do, however, LOVE my measuring tape!

After 4 weeks of CrossFit Workouts, my new and improved measurements are:

   9/24/12                                   10/22/12          Difference
     42                Bust                     39.5                 -2.5
     49                Waist                   45                    -4
     56                Hips                     54                    -2
     15.5             Upper Arm R      15.25               -.25
     15.5             Upper Arm L      15.25               -.25
     29.5             Thigh R               28.75              -.75
     30                Thigh L               29                   -1
     20.25           Calf R                 20                   -.25
     21                Calf L                 19.75              -1.25

I have lost 12.25 inches after 4 weeks of working my BUTT off!  SO proud of me!

Today's workout was another heart, pounding, sweating, sweating, sweating workout!

As many rounds in 25 minutes of:
   7 push ups
   11 thrusters w/20 lbs
   14 knees to elbows

I used 24 lb. dumbbells with my thrusters and alternated rounds of knees to elbows on the floor and standing knees to elbows.  Let me tell you...standing floor knees to elbows are WAY easier!  I did 11 rounds and went over 9 seconds because I wanted to finish that last set of knees to elbows.  I'm kinda in the same range as everyone else - except for what I refer to as the super-fit mamas, who AMAZE me with what they can do.  I hope to be there right along with them one day.

Not bad for a month of workouts.  I am one very happy girl!! 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

I don't usually post on Saturdays, but wanted to let you know I am not very sore right now.  I just knew after all of those lunges this week that I would be hurting trying to walk today, but so far so good.  My arms aren't even sore this morning - so glad!

It is a gorgeous day here in Georgia.  The temps are only supposed to get up to 69 degrees - sounds like a great day to walk outside.  I plan on going to a local park and walking on their outdoor trails.  Little Mulberry Park has three walking trails, as well as several hiking trails.  I'm going to stick to the walking trails so I will be in the sunshine.  I hope to walk all three trails which is a total of 2.6 miles.  I completed all three trails with a time of 45 minutes the last time I walked all three.  I'm not really looking to improve my time today - just looking to enjoy some quiet time enjoying the great weather and my IPod.

I do plan to get in a walk/run on my treadmill tomorrow.  I really want to improve my running and know I can't do that unless I "do it"!  lol

Enjoy your Saturday, wherever you are!

Friday, October 19, 2012

38:56 - 21:56 of this was on the treadmill, so not too bad!

I did 5 rounds of:
   10 pushups and 10 jumpropes instead of Burpees
   10 standing knees to elbows
   21 walking lunges w/9.5# dumbbell
   walked 4 block segments @ 3mph
   ran 4 block segments @ 4mph
   walked 4 block segments @ 3mph
   ran 4 block segments @ 4mph

I just realized I was supposed to use two 10# dumbbells w/the walking lunges - I only used one and kept thinking this is awkward.  I switched shoulders each segment and on the 5th/last segment I did half on one shoulder and half on the other.  I'll pay better attention next time!

I can tell a HUGE difference whenever I run - so proud of that!  I ran for half of my 1.25 miles - I would figure that up but am just too lazy right now.  My shoulders and upper arms stayed sore most of the day and I kept blaming the pushups from yesterday, but I really think it was the kettle bell swings that did it because when I started doing push ups today, they weren't too bad.  I didn't get wobbly armed until the last 3 pushups during my last segment. 

What a wonderfully hard week of workouts and I'm so proud I completed each and every one!  I can't wait to take my measurements on Monday morning.  :)
WOW - my upper arms/shoulders are so sore from all of those pushups.  I can feel the ache every time I lift my coffee cup!  AND, as predicted yesterday - my ass is sore as well.  I told my husband last night I hoped there would be no leg exercises today (I know that would not happen - EVERYTHING involves the legs!) - but I just glanced at today's workout and I am just shit-outta-luck today.  Not only are there lunges, but running is involved.  I had also hoped no pushups, but I see burpees on the schedule as well.  Thank goodness today is Friday!  Even though I will do a treadmill or stationary bike workout over the weekend, I can promise you I will NOT do pushups come Saturday or Sunday!

Today's workout is for time:
   5 rounds of...
     10 Burpees
     10 Knees to Elbows
     21 Walking Lunge Steps w/10# dumbbells on your shoulders
     Run 400 meters (1/4 mile)

I already know I will not/cannot do Burpees, so I will do pushups :/ and jump rope instead.  I will run as much and as far as I can.  I have been pushing myself to run farther everytime on my treadmill - I go by the little "block" things on there.  When I started making myself run, I could only run 4 "blocks" at a time.  The last time we did a run, I ran 8 "blocks" at a time, so today I will go for 9, but I prefer to do 10.  Not sure why I have this whole even number OCD thing going on, but I do.  I can tell such a huge improvement when I do run - I'm breathing a WHOLE lot better and can obviously go farther.  Can't wait for the day I can just get on my treadmill and go the entire 1/4 mile or more!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

OMG!  22:39 - I thought I was doing awesome, but then I saw everyone else's times - the next closest time was 19:??, so I really thought mine was good as well.  Then - someone posted "my first day" and their time was 15-something.  I'm hoping they're just way more fit than me.  I know I don't sound like it, but I am impressed with my time since I did it all together and not split up...well...except for those pushups.  I had to split those up or else I would have just face planted every time!  lol

Anyway, here's how it went:
   50 pushups
   100 kettle bell swings w/15.5 dumbbells
   30 pushups
   100 jump rope
   20 push ups
   100 squats

I don't know what the deal is with me and my jump rope.  I could only do 3 without landing on the rope and I only did those 3 in a row once!  Maybe one day I'll get it together.  I have to say jump rope definitely gets my heart rate going!!!  Man, oh man could I feel every one of those squats today - but I could tell a difference between today and yesterday.  I actually made it to 45 before I had to stop and shake it out!!  The last 20 were definitely a push through the pain for me.  I just kept telling myself 20 more, 15 more, 10 more, 5 more, then WHAMMO!  Done!  I was even thinking today was Friday and caught myself telling myself "You can do this - tomorrow is a free day", but then I realized it was only Thursday so it switched to "You can do this!"

I forgot to mention yesterday that I put on a pair of pants that I have not been able to get into in three years - progress!  Loving CrossFit!!!!
I knew it was too good to be true - you know, that whole "no soreness" thing.  As predicted yesterday, my ass IS sore today!  AND - I just looked at today's workout and guess what it includes?  More squats!  Not just more squats, but 100 squats. 1-0-0...yup, that's what I said.  Luckily (?) they're are at the end of today's workout, so me and my super sore ass can crawl over to the timer to turn it off and probably just crash there for awhile.  :)  Just kidding - I really do like these workouts and actually enjoy challenging myself - I'll be fine.

Oh - almost forgot - I did not sleep very well last night due to cramping in my calf muscles. I'm assuming this is from doing the push-presses yesterday. The video I watched of how to do them with dumbbells had you going up on your tippy toes and doing almost a little hop. I know I felt the "burn" while doing yesterday's quick workout. I told y'all it was a quickie, but still got my heart rate going!

Today's workout is for time:
   100 pushups
   100 kettle bell swings - 15 lbs
   100 jump rope
   100 squats

Jenni, my CrossFit Mama, suggested doing all 100 instead of splitting them up because it builds muscle quicker so that is what I'm going to do.  My time will probably be really sucky, but my pride will be awesome!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

9:15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was NOT the slowest time today - SO happy!  The fastest time I've seen so far was 3:41 (I think that was it - I'm horrible at remembering numbers) - I wonder if I'll ever be that fast?  One can only hope.  :)  AND work!  ;)

21 deadlift - 50#
21 pushpress - 44# - yes, I goofed figuring up my adjustables.  It ALWAYS happens!
50 squats - was wobbly by the end
15 deadlift - 44# - dropped the weight amount because of aforementioned wobbles
15 pushpress - 24#
50 squats - super wobbly by #30, but wobbled through it - YAY me!
9 deadlift - 44#
9 pushpress - 24#

Super quick + kinda easy workout + got my heartrate up + still sweating = a great workout!!
Good morning, world!  I am proud to say I am NOT sore this morning.  This is the first time since I've started CrossFit Mamas that something DIDN'T ache!  Small things make me happy.  :)  However, after looking at today's workout I can just about bet my ass will be sore tomorrow.  You'll see why once you read today's workout.

For Time:
   21 deadlifts, 40-60 lbs
   21 push press, 20 lbs
   50 squats
   15 dead lifts, 40-60 lbs
   15 push press, 20 lbs
   50 squats
   9 dead lifts, 40-60 lbs
   9 push press, 20 lbs

On second thought, my arms and shoulders might be achy tomorrow as well.  I already know I will use (or start with) 50 lb deadlifts since that's the max my adjustable dumbbells will go.  Push press will be with 19 pounds.  I know that sounds strange, but I have adjustable dumbbells (did I mention that? lol).  They have four settings - 3, 6, 9.5, 12.5.  I keep confusing myself (trust me, it's not hard to do!) when working with weights - dumbbells in particular.  I know I should be setting for TOTAL weight (both dumbbells combined), but keep setting them for each dumbbell in error.  I guess in the long run that might be better, but I really don't want my body to look like the girl with the gun tattoo picture - I actually thought it was a man when I saw it (and I hope like hell she doesn't read my blog!) - but EVERYTHING about her looked like a man except she didn't have the "bulge" in front!  Yeah, she was wearing a bra, but come on...guys who work out have nice pecs and you could probably put those babies in a bra as well.  And her hands?  Just too manly!

Okay, okay - I sort of got off topic there - another thing that happens to me a lot!  Anyway...looking forward to today's workout!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

38:03 BUT with major modifications!  I'm still sweating as I type!!

I did everything in order as prescribed (no splitting them into segments - YAY me!).  I used 24# dumbbells total with the cleans.  I was thinking I should have used more weight, but am glad I didn't.  I had originally planned to do both 1 mile segments as prescribed, but decided to cut them into 1/2 mile segments instead.  Glad I did that, too - it normally takes me 20 minutes to WALK one mile on the treadmill, so that would have been 40 minutes alone right there.  I know, I know - "let's justify what we did".  Yeah, yeah...I hear myself...but I put in a lot of effort and had one helluva workout without that other mile.  I'm still proud, but do wish I could have done more.  One day....

Anyway, here's what I did in my 38:03 time:
   30 cleans w/24# dumbbells
   50 situps - I could feel my abs today - first time since I started!
   1/4 mile run
   1/4 mile walk
   2 burpees - see below
   50 pushups
   50 jump rope

I tried burpees and am very glad no cameras were involved.  I slowly did the first one, then tried to go faster on the second one, but face planted when I went to kick my legs out into the pushup position!  So...I decided to do pushups, then jumpropes.  I had already planned on doing only 50 burpees anyway - I really didn't think I could do all 100 for my first time.

KILLA killed me!  Regardless, I really like these workouts and I LOVE the results I've gotten after only 3 weeks.
Just looked at today's workout...let me just say it's called "Killa" and after seeing the exercises, I believe that's what it's going to do to me today!  lol - After you see them, you'll understand what I'm talking about!

For Time:
   30 cleans using 20-30 lbs
   Run 1 mile
   50 situps
   Run 1 mile
   100 Burpees

Since I'm not runner yet, I will be running and walking those miles.  For those of you who do not know what a Burpee is - you begin in a standing position squat all the way down to the floor, kick your legs out into a push up position, do a push up, bring your legs back into the squat position, stand up and jump.  That's one Burpee.  I have a feeling I will not do 100, but I will do at least 30, hopefully 50.  I'm going to have to make sure I have a lot of available time for this workout!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Week 3 Stats

I've decided NOT to keep up with my weight right now.  I don't know why, but I'm not really losing weight - just inches.  So...if I have to choose which I prefer to lose I would have to say inches because I can see/tell a difference that way.  That being said, below are my new stats:

   Start                Body Part                   Today                        Loss of
     15.5                Upper Arm R               15                               .5
     15.5                Upper Arm L               15                               .5
     42                   Bust                             40.5                             1.5
     49                   Waist                           45.75                           3.75
     56                   Hips                             54.25                           1.75
     29.5               Thigh R                        29                                .5
     30                  Thigh L                        29                                1
     20.25             Calf R                          20                                 .25
     21                  Calf L                          20                                 1

TOTAL LOSS OF 10.75 inches!!  Woop-Woop!!

Today's workout:
      For time - 3 rounds of:
        15 front squats w/15# weights
        15 pushups
        15 jump lunges
        15 knees to elbows
        15 hang clean w/20-30# weights
        15 back extensions

I did this in 17:17.  I probably had a better time, but my IPod player kept stopping on the album I was trying to play and I spent some time re-starting it without stopping the stopwatch!  I used 15.5# dumbbells with my squats and 22# dumbbells with my hang cleans.  I did standing knee to elbows and wasn't sure how to count the jump lunges (1 for each jump or 1 for each set of legs), so I erred on the side of caution and counted them as a set. 

I'm VERY happy with my time - I'm actually in the range of everyone else today!  It was a short workout compared to a lot of the others, but man did it get my heart rate up and the sweat was pouring off of me!  In fact, I was still sweating 15 minutes later. 

I've said it before, but I really do LOVE the CrossFit Mama workouts!!  They're intense, but there's no measurement for the personal satisfaction I get from completing them and NOT giving up, no matter WHAT my time is.  I know I'll get faster and I can already tell I'm more fit.  I can run for longer periods of time than ever before - no muffin top (!) - and I feel great!  What more could I want?  Life is good.  :)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

No CrossFit workout today, so I did workout #1 on my treadmill.  Not too bad, but I still can't do the 3.5 mph segments at 3.5 - I did them at 3.3 mph and used the 1 lb. dumbbells whenever it said to except on the 3.3/3.5 segments.  I burned 199.7 calories and walked 1.479 miles in 30 minutes.  NOT as hard as the CrossFit exercises, but still a good workout!

Good news - my legs are not sore anymore.  I didn't think I would ever recover from Thursday's workout!

Friday, October 12, 2012

26:49 as rx'd!!!!!   First time EVER doing them as prescribed!!  YAY MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! 

I went and bought a jumprope ($3) and a fitness mat today.  I have to say it is WAY easier doing jumping jacks than jumping rope.  I used to be great at jumprope!  Of course, I was 12 or younger...I actually did 5 jumps without getting tangled up during one of the segments.  :P

Situps were very comfy on the new mat, but I still used towel because I sweat so much and the mat was slippery when wet.  I discovered today that I apparently sweat on my knees!  Go figure...the tops of my hands and my knees.  Hopefully this sweat is the fat going bye-bye.

Thrusters were easier than I thought they would be.  I used my adjustable dumbbells with 24 lb weights.  On the upthrust I actually kinda tossed them up (loosely let them go in my hands) and went all the way up on the balls of my feet like in the video I watched.  I made sure to balance on my heels when squatting and on the down-thrust.

10 rounds = 130 jump ropes
                      70 thrusters w/24 lb weights
                    120 situps

WOO-HOO!  Great ending to a very tough week!
It seems that I start every day like this, but...OMG!  My thighs are killing me!!  lol - I'm hoping the soreness is gone before I workout today.  The soreness is NOT from yesterday's workout, but from Wednesday's - all those lunges and leg lifts!  The good news is today's workout doesn't sound so hard - but with my luck, watch it turn out to be a killer workout.  :P

For time, 10 rounds of:
     13 Jump Rope
     7 Thrusters w/20 lbs.
     12 Sit-ups

I watched a video of CrossFit jump roping, and realize I can go through the motions of jump-roping (is that a word?) without using an actual jump rope, so that's what I'm going to do today.  I also had to watch a video of how to do thrusters with dumbbells since I don'ts have barbells and it looks very doable.  So glad there aren't any lunges or leg lifts or running today!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

36:12 - I again had the worst time of the day (so far), but I finished!  I am proud to say I ran more today than I ever have.  I ran an 8 block segment of every 1/4 mile, except during the last running segment.  I was only able to run a 4 block segment during the first 1/4 mile on the last one.  I just walked at 3.0 mph on the rest.  Good news!  I actually ran for a total of .50+ today!!!

On the CrossFit blog, most of the "mamas" were benchpressing 20, 30, 40 or 30, 40, 50 pounds so I decided to start with the most and work my way down.  I benchpressed 50 lbs, 36 lbs, then 24 lbs.  That's just the way my adjustable dumbbells work.

The back extensions were okay, but I did cramp up on the last set so I cut those short by 5.  Exhausted, but SO proud!  I think that's why I like these workouts the most - the feeling of personal pride after completing each workout and not giving up!  I got this.  ;)
I just thought my ass was sore the other day!  OMG!!!  It is killer today!  Last night - my throbbing spots kept alternating between my thighs and my ass, so I'm glad to see my thighs aren't hurting this morning and I'm even happier to see there are NO lunges or leg work today (other than running)!  I really only feel my thighs when going up/down the stairs - so that's good.   Yesterday's workout was killer - or so I think.  Maybe it was because I actually did it the correct way - which was finishing each exercise before moving on....I don't know.  I think it was starting with lunges and ending with leg lifts!!  Oh well...I did it and that's the important thing, right?

Today's workout:
   For time - 3 rounds of:
      15 Bench Press, 20-30 lbs.
      25 Back Extensions
      Run 800 meters (.497 mile = 1/2 mile)

The only modification today is during the running segment - I will run more than I have before (which is 6 block segments on my treadmill), but also walk at 3.0/mph or 3.5/mph.  I plan on running at least 7 block segments on my treadmill - I would prefer to do 8 segments just because I like even numbers more than odd, but I'll have to see.  It depends on the soreness, which I hope is gone by this afternoon!  Wish me luck and a decent time.  lol

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

29:02 - I think I have the worst time...AGAIN!  But - I did not split this up into segments this time!  I did standing knees to elbows, since I don't have a bar; 50 step-ups (each leg) onto 18 in. step; and as much as I wanted to I had to cut out the weights with my squats - making them weightless.  Guess how many CrossFit situps I accomplished today?  One!  THAT was ridiculous - so I just stuck my feet under my treadmill.  I am proud to say I can now do 20 situps, 15 pushups, and 30 jumping jacks without stopping!!  I can see improvement!

OH - and for some weird reason, my left leg pops in my hip on the downswing of the leg lifts.  Very strange.  Hopefully, it will go away.

Another day of CrossFit and I am very pleased.  :D
My butt is so sore this morning!  I just looked at today's WOD and I must looks like a doozy!!!  I'm actually going to try to do it one exercise at a time (like you're supposed to) instead of breaking it up into segments.  Keep your fingers crossed!

For Time:
     100 walking lunges (50 each leg)
     50 CrossFit Situps
     50 Jump Rope
     25 Knees to Elbows
     50 Box Jump - 18 inch
     25 Weighted Squats - 40 lbs.
     25 Pushups
     50 Leg Lifts

My *modifications* are:
     100 walking lunges (50 each leg)
     *50 situps - CrossFit situps are feet together, I'll try but usually put my feet under the treadmill
     *50 jumping jacks
     *25 standing knees to elbows
     *50 box jump - 12 inch (I don't have balance yet to do 18 inch)
     25 weighted squats - 40 lbs
     25 pushups
     50 leg lifts

I have a feeling I will have some sore legs tomorrow, but after taking my measurements yesterday it will be SO worth it!  :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

2-Week Check-In w/Updated Stats

Well, obviously I did not workout on Friday nor Saturday since I didn't post.  We decided to head to the mountains for a few days since Hayley was out of school for Fall Break.  We just got back today, and I did do my workout today.  Plus - it's MEASUREMENT DAY!!!  Actually, yesterday was, but I wasn't around to do it.  So here are my new and improved measurements:

Weight - 253.5 - 1 lb. loss
Upper Arm Right - 14.75 - 1/4 in. loss
Upper Arm Left - 15.25 - 1/4 in. loss
Bust - 41.5 - 1/2 in. loss
Waist - 46 - 3 in. loss!
Hips - 54.75 - 1.25 in. loss!
Thigh Right - 29.5 - 1/2 in. loss
Thigh Left - 29.5 - 1/2 in. loss
Calf Right - 20 - 1/4 in. loss
Calf Left - 20.5 - 1/2 in. loss

TOTAL LOST - 1 pound and 7 inches!!  Woo-hoo!

Today's workout:

     As many rounds as you can in 20 minutes of:
        20 pushups
        40 squats
        80 jumping jacks

I was able to do almost 3 rounds - minus 40 jumping jacks.  Which means I did 60 pushups, 120 squats, and 200 jumping jacks.  Still loving this workout!

Friday, October 5, 2012

It was so strange not working out yesterday!  I'll do yesterday's workout tomorrow (Saturday), then on Sunday I will do a treadmill or bike workout.

Today's WOD looks like a real doozy!

   100 sit-ups
   30 burpees (I have to admit - they do NOT look fun!)
   40 kettle bells w/15 lb
   50 knees to elbows
   100 ft walking lunge
   150 ft sprint

I will definitely have to do modifications.  Here's what I plan to do:

   4 rounds of -
     25 sit-ups (100 total)
     7 burpees (28 total - maybe I'll add 2 to make it 30 - I'll see how it goes)
     10 kettle bell swings w/15 lbs (40 total)
     12 leg lifts (48 total - again, maybe I'll add 2)
   1 round of -
     100 ft walking lunge
     150 ft sprint

I looked up how far 150 ft is, it's 0.028???/mile - which is less than 1/8 mile - which is what I'll do.  I might try to do the walking lunge on my treadmill (going real slow) - but do an 1/8 mile of that as well.

I don't know - I might just try to do as many as I can of everything before swapping around - as long as I can keep count.  I know I CAN do the kettle bell swings all at once.  I also know that I can NOT do the situps all at once and I seriously doubt I can do the leg lifts all at once.  The burpees look tough, but I'll see how many I can do at a time.  Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

32:30 - WOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!  I split the running into 6 1/4 mile segments and I actually slow jogged (4 mph) for 6 blocks each quarter mile, for a total of 1/2 mile worth of running!  I've NEVER been able to run that far before, so already I am telling a HUGE difference in my body.  I benchpressed w/24 lb. dumbbells for 5 segments as prescribed.  I actually bought a bench today and had to put it together before I did the workout, so technically I worked out a little extra.  That counts, right?

After accomplishing my last 6 blocks of running during the last 1/4 mile, it was all I could do not to bust out laughing.  I DID IT!!  Who knows?  I might be a runner after all!

I won't be around to do tomorrow's workout, but am planning on doing it on Saturday.  I'm going with Hayley tomorrow to visit Warm Springs and check out their facility as a possible place for her to live after high school.

TOTALLY forgot to mention - I put on a pair of jeans yesterday and NO MUFFIN TOP!!  THAT'S what I'm talking about!!!
Good morning!  Not too sore from yesterday, which is surprising.  I thought after all of the lunges from the past two days my thighs would be sore this morning, especially since they were last night, but they are okay today.  My butt cheeks are sore this morning - it looks like all of the squats have caught up to me.

Good news - today's workout does NOT include lunges.  Bad news - it's a run day.  :/

Today's workout for time -
     5 rounds of:
        Run 500 meters
        15 Benchpress 20 lbs

I looked up how many miles 500meters are - they're 3.10??????, so I then looked up how many miles is 2500meters (multiplied it times 5, since it's 5 rounds) and that was 1.55 miles.  I will modify my workout the following way:
     Run/walk 1/4 m
     15 Benchpress 20 lbs
     Run/walk 1/4 mile
     15 Benchpress 20 lbs
     Run/walk 1/4 mile
     15 Benchpress 20 lbs
     Run/walk 1/4 mile
     15 Benchpress 20 lbs
     Run/walk 1/4 mile
     15 Benchpress 20 lbs
     Run/walk 1/4 mile

I will see how far I can actually run/jog today and do that as often and as far as I can.  Wish me luck!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

32:32 - I did it!  I split today's workout into 4 reps of 25 each, except for the lunges.  I did the first 2 reps @ 15, then the last 2 reps @ 10.  I had planned on doing all 4 @ 15, but just couldn't do it.  I can tell a HUGE difference in my pushups today!  I was able to do 15 p/u's without stopping during the first rep and NO jello arms by the end.  PLUS - I was able to do all 100 girl p/u's - no wall p/u's this time!  Same thing with the situps - I could do 15 without stopping during the first rep, then 10 and it tapered off from there.   I started getting jiggly near the end of the second set of lunges and that's when I decided to only do 10 during the last two reps.  Squats are easy for me, but I am feeling it in my ass right now.

I just feel so much better after these workouts and am still glad I found the blog!  It really does make you feel good to push through and complete the workout, even when you want to stop.  I like doing things at my own pace!
How crazy is it that I can't wait to see what today's workout will be?  It's almost like I'm obsessed!  Trust me, I am NOT obsessed with exercising but for some strange reason I am LOVING my CrossFit Mamas workouts.  I think it's the "dread" of seeing the workouts and actually doing the workouts, but I'll be damned if I'm not proud of myself every day when I FINISH the workout!  I think that's what it is...personal pride.  Hmm....I'll take it!  :)

Well, I was blaming my sore bi-ceps on the push ups, but they were actually feeling better yesterday.  However, they are sore again this morning so I'm assuming it's from the kettle bells - which is weird, because I swear those are the easiest exercises out of all the ones I've done for CrossFit!   I guess you really do work a wide combination of muscles with kettle bells!!!

Today's workout sounds like a doozy (more lunges - which means more jello legs):

     For time:
        100 lunges (50 each leg)
        100 pushups
        100 situps
        100 squats

I believe I will split these up into 4 segments of 25 with the lunges being 4 segments of 15 each leg.

I forgot to post my weight yesterday - okay, I didn't forget - I just didn't like what my lowest weight of the day was:  156.5.  I gained two pounds - WTF?  In my defense, I was out of town over the weekend - at a race track, eating concession stand foods only.  I know I say I'm not doing this for weight loss, but would really like to see that happen!  I keep reminding myself this is only week 2 and to be patient.  Working on it!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

23:30 - I could only do two rounds today, but believe me - THAT was a workout!!  My legs are like Jello - I almost couldn't make it back downstairs!!  My situps are improving...I actually did 15 without stopping during the first round!  I forced myself to do 10 at a time after that until I reached my 50 in each round.  I'm looking forward to the day I can do them all without stopping = at least 25 at a time.  I thought the walking lunges were a breeze until I hit 75 on my first round, then the jiggles began.  Kettle bells again with a 15 lb adjustable dumbbell.  Those haven't been to hard so far.  I think it's because I lift my niece up/down, in/out of her wheelchair several times a day and she weighs 98 lbs.  I don't want to increase the kettle bell weight right now, maybe in the future.

I'm glad to say my elbow quit hurting about mid-morning.  I guess I just needed to work out the kinks!  I know I promised to post my weight, but I'm waiting to see what my lowest weight of the day is - lol!  It just makes me feel better to weigh that way...whatever works, right?  ;P
OMG!!!  My bi-ceps are STILL sore from all of those push-ups on Friday!!  My left elbow began throbbing last night and is still going at it today.  I will probably buy a brace/support for it today and make sure I wear it while working out especially!  Today is a weigh-in day, but I don't usually weigh until the afternoon - that's when I always weigh the least!  lol  - I will post my weight later when I post my workout time/results.  I'm not doing this for the weight loss (although, I'm hoping I will lose weight!) but more for getting in shape.  I travelled to Alabama over the weekend to watch my husband race (he has a mini-stock dirt track car) and could tell a difference in my body from going up and down all of those hills and steps - I am proud to say I never got nowhere near as out of breath as I had before whenever we went there.  Progress!

Today's workout sounds simple, but we all know how that usually goes!

     3 rounds of:
        100 walking lunge steps
        50 situps
        50 kettle bell swings - 15 lbs

Since I did 100 situps (!) on Friday when it wasn't necessary, it will be interesting to see how sore those muscles are today!  I'll post my results later and I hope you all have a great day!