Monday, October 15, 2012

Week 3 Stats

I've decided NOT to keep up with my weight right now.  I don't know why, but I'm not really losing weight - just inches.  So...if I have to choose which I prefer to lose I would have to say inches because I can see/tell a difference that way.  That being said, below are my new stats:

   Start                Body Part                   Today                        Loss of
     15.5                Upper Arm R               15                               .5
     15.5                Upper Arm L               15                               .5
     42                   Bust                             40.5                             1.5
     49                   Waist                           45.75                           3.75
     56                   Hips                             54.25                           1.75
     29.5               Thigh R                        29                                .5
     30                  Thigh L                        29                                1
     20.25             Calf R                          20                                 .25
     21                  Calf L                          20                                 1

TOTAL LOSS OF 10.75 inches!!  Woop-Woop!!

Today's workout:
      For time - 3 rounds of:
        15 front squats w/15# weights
        15 pushups
        15 jump lunges
        15 knees to elbows
        15 hang clean w/20-30# weights
        15 back extensions

I did this in 17:17.  I probably had a better time, but my IPod player kept stopping on the album I was trying to play and I spent some time re-starting it without stopping the stopwatch!  I used 15.5# dumbbells with my squats and 22# dumbbells with my hang cleans.  I did standing knee to elbows and wasn't sure how to count the jump lunges (1 for each jump or 1 for each set of legs), so I erred on the side of caution and counted them as a set. 

I'm VERY happy with my time - I'm actually in the range of everyone else today!  It was a short workout compared to a lot of the others, but man did it get my heart rate up and the sweat was pouring off of me!  In fact, I was still sweating 15 minutes later. 

I've said it before, but I really do LOVE the CrossFit Mama workouts!!  They're intense, but there's no measurement for the personal satisfaction I get from completing them and NOT giving up, no matter WHAT my time is.  I know I'll get faster and I can already tell I'm more fit.  I can run for longer periods of time than ever before - no muffin top (!) - and I feel great!  What more could I want?  Life is good.  :)

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