Friday, September 28, 2012

36:02 - WHAT a workout!  My whole body is quivering right now!  I saw a picture on Pinterest the other day that said "Sweat is just your fact crying".  Well, my fat is bawling it's eyeballs out right now!  lol = Seriously, I never thought my treadmill with a 10 incline would look so good right now!  I did make a couple of modifications - I broke this up into 4 segments of 25 of each exercise.  I also did jumping jacks instead of jump rope, and I used my adjustable dumbbell set at 15.5 pounds.  That worked really well because I could get a good grip on the end of the dumbbell, so I might not have to purchase a kettle bell after all!  On my last set of push ups, I had to do wall push ups - my arms are just exhausted.  On the first wall pushup, I thought "man, this is SO much easier!", but when I got to #10 I quickly changed my mind!  I struggled with the last set of squats and kept losing my balance backwards.  I always make sure to pick up my toes when squatting - just something an old exercise instructor advised me to do years ago - and really almost sat flat on my ass!!!  I'm so proud of myself for pushing through today.  Rob Zombie helped a lot - he kept telling me to "do it baby, do it baby"!  I need to find some more angry rock music to workout to since I plan on continuing with CrossFit!

What a great ending to my week and beginning to my weekend!

OMG!  I just realized I added 100 situps to this workout.  I could have sworn it said 100 situps in there as well.  WOW - that just makes me feel that much better for completing!  Weekend - here I come!!


  1. Hey Queenie...I came across your blog via Crossfit Mama's. Just want you to know that you inspire me. Keep on keepin' on!!

  2. Thanks, Mary - you just made my day!