Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Taking a "blog" break...

Okay - I know I need to work on my new schedule.  I do...I really do.  I was unable to work out yesterday because Addy was NOT feeling well at all - her poor little nose is either stuffy or runny.  I swear all I did yesterday was suck it out with the "snot-sucker"!  lol 

I am not going to post anything until I can get into a normal routine with her.  I'm still writing down the workouts from HIIT Mamas and am still going to try to do them.  I just feel like such a failure because I haven't been able to do them lately, yet I know Addy comes first.  I'll post when I can workout - so hopefully this blog won't be totally blank.  I know things will get easier, but I'm just trying to catch up on work or housework while she naps and I just play with her while she's awake.  It won't be for long, so bear with me!!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Failure is not fatal.  Only failure to get back up is.  Well...that's a good thing in my case, isn't it?  lol  I want everyone to know that I am NOT a lazy bum/couch potato whenever I don't get a workout in.  I'm just busy.  I did not workout yesterday.  My original plan was to catch up on office paperwork for most of the day since Addy was at her other grandmother's house.  Well, I did make it into the office, but only for about 45 minutes.  Then, I started on Hayley's laundry, which led me to finally getting her winter clothes out and putting her summer clothes away, which led me to going through all of her clothes and getting rid of what she doesn't/can't wear any more, which led me to cleaning out the closet and under her bed and before I knew it I had to stop and pick her up from school.  I then finished up everything after I got back.  Right when I was getting ready to go work out, Katy called to see if I could pick her up from work.  The clutch went out on Andy's car so it was in the shop, so he drove Katy to work but when it came time for her to leave he was in the middle of his work and couldn't leave and she had to go so she could feed Addy and keep her on schedule.  So, being the great mom that I am...yada, yada, yada.  :)   Anyway - the point is - I was very busy yesterday and my butt muscles are sore.  Not sure what I did that used them so much yesterday, but yeah - they're there! 

My plan is to do the workout I planned to do yesterday - "20 x 20".  I'm not going to list them all again - just read yesterday's blog.  :)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Okay Monday...let's do this!

Okay Monday...let's do this!  For real!!  I did not get a workout in last Thursday (I'm sure you noticed that), nor did I even look at the workouts on Friday.  I've really got to work on my new schedule.  I know I sound like a broken record, but it's true.  I've got to get back in the groove.  But - on the bright side....I DID get two workouts in last week and that's better than none, right?  Right.
I just looked at Friday's HIIT Mamas workout and I do believe I'm going to do that one today.  It sounds like a nice challenge to start off the week, plus it's a "compare to" and y'all know how much I love those!!
Today's workout - "20 x 20" - sounds fun, right?  ;)
   20 - wall ball shots
        - sit-ups
        - box jumps
        - push-ups
        - cleans, 20 lbs
        - jump rope
        - thrusters, 20 lbs
        - front squats, 40 lbs
        - kettle-bell swings, 20 lbs
        - bench dips
        - sumo dead-lift high pulls, 20 lbs
        - burpees
        - hang squat cleans, 20 lbs
        - pull-ups
        - walking lunges
        - dead-lifts, 60 lbs
        - knees to elbows
        - squats
        - leg lifts
We did this on 12/6/12 and my time was 27:02.  Let's just hope I don't do worse!  lol

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Nothing much going on...

Nothing much going on this morning.  I still cannot post pictures on my blog.  I've sent ANOTHER "feedback" to Blogger - maybe they'll respond to this one.  Oh well...I'm here...I'm blogging.  :)

Today's workout looks fun - tough, but fun.
   5 rounds for time
      20 push-ups
      30 walking lunges
      40 sit-ups
      50 squats
   *rest 3 minutes between each round*

I just spoke with my daughter, Katy, and she wants to increase the amount of milk in Addy's bottles today and possibly cut out one bottle.  So, we'll see how that goes.  I'm sure it will be a crazy day here today because of that, but I'll have Honey-Buns helping out and should be able to workout again.  It feels really great to get these workouts in.  I have to say, I'm pretty glad I haven't gained weight since I haven't been working out as much.  Maybe this will kick it back in and I'll start dropping a few - even though that's not the purpose of my working out.  I just want to be more fit and able to keep up with Addy like I was when my kids were little.  Children are so much fun to have around!

I've gotta run - running late this morning.  Y'all have a good day.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Another day...another workout!

Another day...another workout!  Let's hope so, anyway!!  Again, I'm having issues with Blogger and cannot upload a photo.  I've tried using both Chrome and Internet Explorer, with the same results.  The box pops up for me to add a picture, but it's completely empty.  It's driving me crazy!!

I'm doing yesterday's prescribed workout from HIIT Mamas - I'm a day behind this week.  Here's what I hope to do today:

Run 1 mile
50 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls, 20 lbs
Run 1 mile

I'm really hoping either Honey-Buns will be here to watch Addy or she is better at just watching me today.  I'll take my carrier upstairs just in case - but I can't run with her in it, nor can I do deadlift high pulls.  I'm really hoping for a happy baby this afternoon!!
Yay!  Two days in a row!!  Honey-Buns was here - thank goodness because Miss Addy was not having anything to do with the upstairs today.  She pitched the biggest fit with me just putting on my shoes!  Of course, she's happy as a bug in a rug right now.  :)

I did this, but cut it short - meaning, I did not do the last mile.  I am VERY proud to say that I did NOT hold on AT ALL on the treadmill today!!  :)  I did the "run a mile" training - run 100 meters walk 300 meters times 4, except on the last quarter mile I ran 100 meters, walked 100 meters, ran 100 meters, walked 100 meters.  All running was at 4.3 speed and all walking was at 3.3 speed.  SO happy with that!!  I used 24 lb dumbbells with the sumo dead-lift high pulls.  My shoulders are burning!!  I was able to do 20, then 10, 8, 7, 5.

Total time was 19:14 - 16:55 was my treadmill time.  I know that isn't a great time for a mile, but I did NOT hold on!  :)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Make things happen.  Yep...that's what I need to do!  By the time I got back from FODAC yesterday, I had a pretty bad headache - rain, traffic, rain.  What is it about the rain that makes me people drive like idiots?  Maybe they've always driven like idiots and I just don't notice until it rains?  Who knows?  lol  Regardless, I did not do anything yesterday.  It was even after supper time that I put the lights and ornaments on my tree.  Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love to hurry up and decorate my tree.  It just didn't happen this year.  Oh's done now and I must say it is gorgeous!  I went back to traditional Christmas colors this year.  Last year, I used only pink ornaments, the year before that it was pink, blue, green, and purple.  This year, it's red balls and silver stars.  I've always used only white lights on my trees for as long as I can remember - has to do with my childhood.  My family always used multi-colored lights and I always wanted to try white lights, but they wouldn't do it.  So, I use multi-colored lights outside and white lights inside.  This year, I decided to use white and red lights.  I was going to buy new white lights this year (I've had mine forever) and just get a some red lights and sit and mix them up, but luckily Target knew of my plans and decided to sell strands of lights that have white, frosted white, and red so that saved me a LOT of trouble!  Thank you, Target!!  Honey-Buns was not thrilled with the idea of red lights being added, until he saw them.  He even said "Our tree looks so sharp this year!".  Yay - it's Honey-Buns approved!  :)

Sorry my blog is later than usual.  I had trouble uploading photos again today and decided to troubleshoot it.  Apparently, my pop-up blocker was on for this site.  I fixed it! 

I'm doing yesterday's workout today.  Just a reminder:
   5 rounds for time
      7 dumbbell squat clean thrusters with 20-30 lbs
      20 sit-ups

I got this!
Well...I was able to work out today, just not completely.  I took Addy upstairs with me because Honey-Buns had to go and check on our drivers/deliveries.  I set her on a pillow with her soft blankie on top and she watched me do a complete first round.  During the second round, she started fussing a little when I was doing the sit-ups, so I picked her up and held her "airplane" like while doing sit-ups.  She seemed to enjoy those, but when I put her back down to do thrusters again, she got really mad.  She wouldn't even calm down while doing the airplane sit-ups - I was able to get 10 of them done, then I stood up and we did 20 squats.  Then, I decided to just get on the treadmill.  I was barefoot, so I only went 2.0 speed, and I held her the whole time.  I was really wishing my carrier was upstairs, but it was downstairs and I wasn't going to stop and go get it.  We walked for 10 minutes on the treadmill, the last minute and half of her screaming!  I jumped on the scales with her, then compared to without her.  She now weighs 12.5 pounds!!  At least I did something, right?  I'm thinking she didn't like the Offspring - they were who I listened to today.  I'll have to switch it up and see what kind of music she likes.  I know she loves her xylophone and she has a toy we call "baby crack" because it puts her right to sleep - it's a Little Einstein musical toy.  No matter if she's pitching a fit or not, she zones out the minute that thing starts playing and just stares at the lights and 9 times out of 10, she falls asleep.  Crazy kid!!  :)

Monday, December 2, 2013


  I'm not sure what is going on with blogger this morning, but I am unable to add a picture to my blog.  I tried to do it both using my Google Chrome browser and Internet Explorer, so it's definitely a website issue.  Oh well - hopefully they'll have it working correctly tomorrow 'cause I really like adding pictures and quotes!  :)

I'm going to be honest and just say I knew I would not have time to work out last week, so I didn't even bother looking at blogs or anything.  I will say I did do a LOT of walking and moving stuff around, so I'm counting that as working out.  No really - I did.  My butt is even sore this morning (and has been just about all weekend) to prove it!  I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but my son has had to move back home into the basement.  It's a good thing I moved the office upstairs, huh?  His roommate worked for his father's company and that went out of business.  My son knew he couldn't afford to pay the rent and monthly bills by himself, so he asked if he could come back home for a little bit and we agreed.  I helped him move the majority of his stuff a few weeks ago.  He left some stuff for the roommate to continue to use until he moved out.  Well, we moved the remainder of the stuff last Wednesday and just stuck it in my garage.  Yes, it was overflowing - I only had a direct path to walk through to get to my vehicle.  So yesterday, he and I moved the stuff out of the garage and into the basement.  Let me just say...stairs.  Lots of them!  As we would come back up, we'd bring a load of stuff to take to Goodwill.  I had a lot of stuff down there and he went through his stuff and purged during this move.  No van was full.  And by full, I mean the entire middle area where the wheelchair goes and the entire back part.  Thank goodness for Goodwill!  I'm hoping to go to FODAC (Friends of Disabled Adults and Children) today to donate Hayley's old wheelchair and stander that are taking up more space in my garage.  I want to burn a fire in the fireplace and I can't because I don't have wood and I can't get wood because we can't get to the storage spot in our garage!  It's a catch 22!!  Katy, Addy, and I all went shopping on Friday at the Mall of Georgia.  We got there around 1:30/2:00 and yes, it was packed but we were able to get front row parking at Dillard's which was awesome timing for us!  The mall was packed and I saw more men out shopping on Black Friday than I've ever seen before.  I used to go with the 6:00 a.m. crowd, but switched to the middle of the night (2:00 a.m.) crowd for the past few years.  With everyone going cuckoo for Thanksgiving night shopping (not me, some things you just don't need to do during family time) I figured I wouldn't go this year.   But, Katy and I decided last minute to go.  It was actually pretty calm and everyone was very friendly - it was just crowded.  Addy is a great little shopper!  Katy called on Saturday to see if I wanted to go to Target with her since we never made it on Friday, so I said "sure".  My son wanted to go because he needed some new shoes, so off to Target, Kohl's, and Georgia Square Mall (in Athens) we went.  I also did not plan to go Christmas tree shopping yesterday since Katy said they were going next weekend.  I figured I'd go one day this week - it's WAY less crowded on a week day, but Katy called and said they decided to go yesterday so yes - I now have my Christmas tree.  It's not early for me and a tree...Honey-Buns always makes me wait until December to get my tree 'cause he's afraid it will die before Christmas.  Luckily, December seemed like it came early since Thanksgiving was so late.  I don't have lights or decorations on the tree yet, but I'll do that today sometime.

Addy's other grandmother has decided she wants to keep her on Mondays, so that is the new plan.  Honey-Buns picks her up in the mornings and I'll do the first feeding, then take her to Nonnie's house.  I'll pick her up around 4:45 and take her to meet Katy like normal.  Katy doesn't want Nonnie bringing her because Nonnie has four-year old twins that would be with her and she thinks that's too much of a distraction.  So, to make Katy comfortable, we're sticking with the original pick-up/drop-off plan. 

I am working out today.  I have not decided if I'm going to do a run (which I really need to do) or if I'm going to do the HIIT Mamas workout.'s getting done!!  :)

5 rounds for time:
   7 dumbbell squat clean thrusters w/20-30 lbs
   20 sit-ups

I'll post my results later!