Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This is me - AFTER running today!  I know I'm super red, but I am super PROUD!!  Today's workout was all running - which we all know I'm not very good at, so I modified.  On my treadmill, I walked 4 blocks @ 3mph then ran 4 blocks @ 4mph.  I didn't go by today's posted rest times either - I had to rest more often and for a little longer than prescribed, but I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!

I have never (that I can recall) ran 1.25 miles...EVER!  I thought there was no way I could do this today - my calf muscles were killing me during the first 1/2 mile of the 1600 meter segment.  When I stopped to rest, I stretched my calf muscles as much as I could - they were killing me!  Just when I had decided I was going to stop no matter what after doing the 1200 meter segment, I thought...let's try it and it actually seemed to be easier.  In fact, I kept thinking I had hit the 2mph button instead of the 3mph button when walking - it just seemed really slow.  Crazy, huh?

Here's the breakdown of my workout today:

   1600 meters - 17:38 - walked 4 blocks, ran 4 blocks - all the way until I finished 1/2 mile, then I stopped and rested for a couple of minutes (not super long because the song that was on did not end), then I continued with the walk/run combo until I finished the next 1/2 mile

   Rested for a couple of minutes

   1200 meters - 13:11 - same deal as before with walk/run until I completed a walk/run/walk segment on the second lap (during my 1/2 mile part) - then I rested for a couple of minutes, then continued with the walk/run combo until I reached 3/4 mile

   800 meters - 8:49 - again, same deal, but I stopped and rested after 1/4 mile segment, then continued walking/running until I hit the 1/2 mile point

   400 meters - 4:26 - same as before but I did not stop and rest at all during this segment

Overall, I was in my exercise room for at least 60 minutes - of which 44:04 was on the treadmill.  I am one big, walking (barely), sweat-ball right now!  SO proud of me!!!!!!

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