Friday, September 28, 2012

36:02 - WHAT a workout!  My whole body is quivering right now!  I saw a picture on Pinterest the other day that said "Sweat is just your fact crying".  Well, my fat is bawling it's eyeballs out right now!  lol = Seriously, I never thought my treadmill with a 10 incline would look so good right now!  I did make a couple of modifications - I broke this up into 4 segments of 25 of each exercise.  I also did jumping jacks instead of jump rope, and I used my adjustable dumbbell set at 15.5 pounds.  That worked really well because I could get a good grip on the end of the dumbbell, so I might not have to purchase a kettle bell after all!  On my last set of push ups, I had to do wall push ups - my arms are just exhausted.  On the first wall pushup, I thought "man, this is SO much easier!", but when I got to #10 I quickly changed my mind!  I struggled with the last set of squats and kept losing my balance backwards.  I always make sure to pick up my toes when squatting - just something an old exercise instructor advised me to do years ago - and really almost sat flat on my ass!!!  I'm so proud of myself for pushing through today.  Rob Zombie helped a lot - he kept telling me to "do it baby, do it baby"!  I need to find some more angry rock music to workout to since I plan on continuing with CrossFit!

What a great ending to my week and beginning to my weekend!

OMG!  I just realized I added 100 situps to this workout.  I could have sworn it said 100 situps in there as well.  WOW - that just makes me feel that much better for completing!  Weekend - here I come!!
Good morning!  I have such a busy day today.  It's Friday, which means I have to do payroll and billing for the business my husband and I own - plus, I'm going out of town and I still have lots to do to prepare for that.  I'm not going to let that keep me from doing my exercises!  Today's workout is as follows:

For time:
   100 girlie push ups (they specified it this way - I don't like the sexism in that!)
   100 kettle ball swings - 15 lbs
   100 jump rope
   100 squats

Someone has already done this today and posted a time of a little over 9 minutes!  I doubt I will be anywhere near that, but I WILL complete them!

I have to admit, the soreness from my legs and rear end is diminishing, so I hope that's a good thing.  It's not completely gone, but it's not the first thing I notice whenever I go to stand or sit!  I'm off to finish my coffee and get my day started!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

38:28 - I DID IT!!  This was definitely the toughest workout yet!  Total time on the treadmill was 27:44, so not too shabby on 50 squats and 50 situps.  I didn't have too much of an issue with the squats (other than feeling the burn in my ass!), but really struggled through the situps.  I did the first 30 fairly easy, but kept resting every 3-5 after that until I got to 44.  Then I started counting backwards and pushed through the last 6.

I figured 800m was close to 1/2 mile so I did 1/2 mile segments on the treadmill.  I did manage to run (okay, slow jog - really slow jog - 4mph) for 1/4 mile all totaled.  I'm NOT a runner, but could actually run for longer periods of time than ever before - so that was an accomplishment too!  I'm looking forward to the day I can actually jog 1/4 mile straight without stopping!  I feel great right now - of course I AM sitting down right now!  lol

Still loving the CrossFit workouts!  I've discovered I like challenging myself and am glad my husband wasn't home today when I worked out.  I always get red in the face and he thinks I'm pushing myself too hard and tries to get me to slow down- well, I would have hated seeing my face during today's workout!  I really can't wait for measurement day on October 8th!  :)
I took an Aleve last night to alleviate the soreness in my thighs and guess what?  It worked!  I only feel those pesky, newly discovered muscles whenever I bend over today - not as bad as I thought.  I really thought my abs would be super sore since I did full situps yesterday, but no.  Something tells me they will be sore's today's planned workout:

For time:
   Run 800 km (which I discovered is almost 1/2 mile)
   50 squats
   Run 800 km
   50 situps
   Run 800 km

Since I know I'm not a runner (!), I will substitute walking.  I will, however, throw in a run with each segment for as long as I can handle it.  I really would like to be a runner, just can't control my body/breathing whenever I do it.  Hopefully this will improve as well.  I almost can't wait until my "compare to" date!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

12:07 - Not bad for my first time doing these exercises!

I did 7 reps of the following:

   3 push ups instead of front rolls
   5 sit ups - real ones, not scrunches!
   7 standing knee lifts - I don't have pull rings/bar so I couldn't do knee to elbows
   9 step-ups on 18" step - I tried box jumps, but only did 2 because I kept losing my balance

WHAT a workout!  I was pretty impressed with my time since I did take my time and stopped a couple of times to catch my breath and drink water.  I'm really liking CrossFit so far.  I hope to be able to see the changes when I do my measurements again in 1 1/2 weeks!!
I must say, so far I am impressed.  I'm sore, but nowhere near as sore as I thought I'd be.  Silly me - yesterday I thought I was using 25 lbs - which was true, however I was using two of them!  That means I was using 50 lb weights when I should have been 30-40 lbs for the deadlifts and only 30 for the front squats.  So...go me!  I used more weights and accomplished the exercises!!! 

Today's Crossfit seems a little more intense:
     7 rounds for time of each -
        3 forward rolls
        5 sit ups
        7 knees to elbows (these are intense - you hang on rings and bring your knees up to your elbows)
        9 box jumps, using 18" box

I will modify and do the following:
     7 rounds for time of each -
        3 forward rolls
        5 situps
        7 knees to elbows standing
        9 box jumps, using my stepbox for step aerobics

Something tells me I won't try to walk on the treadmill afterwards like I did yesterday!  :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

YAY!  I did it.  I used my 25 lb dumbbells instead of a bar because I don't have one!  Completed 21-15-9 in 5:38, then decided to walk on the treadmill.  Was going to walk a mile, but my thighs convinced me 1/2 mile was great!

Treadmill - no incline today
1:00 - 2.5 speed
1:00 - 2.6 speed
1:00 - 2.7 speed
1:00 - 2.8 speed
1:00 - 2.9 speed
3:00 - 3.0 speed
1:00 - 2.9 speed
0:40 - 2.8 speed
0:40 - 2.7 speed
0:18 - 2.6 speed - 1/2 mile complete - 10:38 total time
I'm surprised my abs aren't sore this morning!  BUT - my left side (in the side-boob area) is REALLY sore!!  I'm thinking from the push ups - wow - didn't realize you used that muscle!

Today's workout is timed for 21/15/9 30-40 lb. deadlifts and 30 lb. front squats.  Since I don't have a barbell nor super heavy weights, I will be substituting dumbbells.  Not sure what my max weight is for those until I go look, but it's nowhere near what they want me to lift but I will use all that I have.

Again, wish me luck!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

So...I did it. 

Time of 5:25

I will admit, I probably did 10 "real" situps total, but I did do crunches for the others.  Boy - are my abs out of shape!  CrossFit Mamas encourages you to do "girl" pushups, which I did and they weren't too bad.  Obviously my upper body is better off than my middle body!  lol

I wonder what tomorrow holds in store?

Day 1

So, I've been off and on exercising for a couple of months but not really committed to it.  I came across a great blog (CrossFit Mamas) and the workouts look hard but, for whatever reason, I think they would be fun to do.  All workouts are timed - this is where you supposedly get your cardio.  You are to complete as fast as you can.This is my first day. 

First all, my starting measurements:

     Weight - 254.5
     Upper Arm Right - 15.5
     Upper Arm Left - 15.5
     Bust - 42
     Waist - 49
     Hips - 56
     Thigh Right - 29
     Thigh Left - 30
     Calf Right - 20.25
     Calf Left - 21

WOW!  How...depressing!  :(  Hopefully these will be better when I check again in two weeks.

Today's exercise:  25 situps - 1 pullup (I'm substituting pushups for pullups - it said I could) - 20 situps - 2 pullups - 15 situps - 3 pullups - 10 situps - 4 pullups - 5 situps - 5 pullups