Monday, October 22, 2012

4 Week Stats

Today is a measurement day!

No weigh in, though.  I'm still in a hate/hate relationship with my scales - they do NOT make me feel good at all!  Hopefully they will please me in the future, but right now - screw 'em!  I do, however, LOVE my measuring tape!

After 4 weeks of CrossFit Workouts, my new and improved measurements are:

   9/24/12                                   10/22/12          Difference
     42                Bust                     39.5                 -2.5
     49                Waist                   45                    -4
     56                Hips                     54                    -2
     15.5             Upper Arm R      15.25               -.25
     15.5             Upper Arm L      15.25               -.25
     29.5             Thigh R               28.75              -.75
     30                Thigh L               29                   -1
     20.25           Calf R                 20                   -.25
     21                Calf L                 19.75              -1.25

I have lost 12.25 inches after 4 weeks of working my BUTT off!  SO proud of me!

Today's workout was another heart, pounding, sweating, sweating, sweating workout!

As many rounds in 25 minutes of:
   7 push ups
   11 thrusters w/20 lbs
   14 knees to elbows

I used 24 lb. dumbbells with my thrusters and alternated rounds of knees to elbows on the floor and standing knees to elbows.  Let me tell you...standing floor knees to elbows are WAY easier!  I did 11 rounds and went over 9 seconds because I wanted to finish that last set of knees to elbows.  I'm kinda in the same range as everyone else - except for what I refer to as the super-fit mamas, who AMAZE me with what they can do.  I hope to be there right along with them one day.

Not bad for a month of workouts.  I am one very happy girl!! 

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