Monday, October 29, 2012

5 Week Check-In

SO happy to say...after 5 weeks of CrossFit, I have lost a total of 13.25 inches!  Woo-hoo!!!  AND I feel 100% better - more energetic and stronger.  YAY for CrossFit!

Body Part:        9/24/12     10/29/12     Difference of:
Upper Arm R     15.5           15.25            -.25
Upper Arm L     15.5           15.25            -.25
Bust                   42               39.25           -2.75
Waist                 49               44.5             -4.5
Hips                   56               53                -3
Thigh R             29.5            28.75           -.75
Thigh L             30               29.5             -.5
Calf R               20.25           20               -.25
Calf L               21                20               -1


Today's workout is for time:
   21 - 18 - 15 - 12 - 9 - 6 -3 reps of...
     Sumo Deadlift High Pulls w/20 lbs
     Lateral Jumps over 18" obstacle

16:11 - I modified my 18 inch high obstacle to 9 inches. 

For those of you who don't know, lateral jumps are done over a pole (I used a broom handle, balanced on my aerobic step and a trash can on it's side).  You basically jump over the pole, side to side.  Sounds easy, huh?  Yeah...not!  My first round was just trying to jump with both feet, knees up high and landing on both feet.  I kept wanting to do this little skip, one-legged jump thing - but I am proud to say I finally got it together and DID NOT fall once!  In fact, the only time I knocked the broom handle off was when I would land too close to it - and even then that only happened when jumping from the right side to the left.  Weird, huh? 

This definitely got my heartrate going and the sweat pouring!  Other CrossFitters were posting times in the 6 minute range, and all I can say is WOW!  I don't see how they did it, especially if they jumped 18" high!  AWESOME job - can't wait until that's me one day.  :)

**Update**Just wanted to let you know how SORE my ass, hamstrings, and calves are.  Did not seem like I was working the back of my legs while I was doing these exercises, so I'm surprised at how achy my butt is!  Hopefully, it won't be too bad in the morning.  :)


  1. I just have to tell you-- I found you through the comments on CrossFit Moms (I don't ever post my time, too chicken!) and I CRACK UP at some of your commentary. I think you are fantastic and I am very impressed with your progress. I live in Buford, so it's nice to know there's someone feeling my pain not too far away :-) Enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. Thanks for the nice comment! I really do think I'm losing my mind sometimes while doing this and I think it shows in my blog. I debated on whether or not to post my times, but decided if I'm going to post my measurements on my blog I might as well own up to my time, too. Some days it is embarrassing, but I feel so good to have finished without dying that it makes me proud!