Tuesday, October 16, 2012

38:03 BUT with major modifications!  I'm still sweating as I type!!

I did everything in order as prescribed (no splitting them into segments - YAY me!).  I used 24# dumbbells total with the cleans.  I was thinking I should have used more weight, but am glad I didn't.  I had originally planned to do both 1 mile segments as prescribed, but decided to cut them into 1/2 mile segments instead.  Glad I did that, too - it normally takes me 20 minutes to WALK one mile on the treadmill, so that would have been 40 minutes alone right there.  I know, I know - "let's justify what we did".  Yeah, yeah...I hear myself...but I put in a lot of effort and had one helluva workout without that other mile.  I'm still proud, but do wish I could have done more.  One day....

Anyway, here's what I did in my 38:03 time:
   30 cleans w/24# dumbbells
   50 situps - I could feel my abs today - first time since I started!
   1/4 mile run
   1/4 mile walk
   2 burpees - see below
   50 pushups
   50 jump rope

I tried burpees and am very glad no cameras were involved.  I slowly did the first one, then tried to go faster on the second one, but face planted when I went to kick my legs out into the pushup position!  So...I decided to do pushups, then jumpropes.  I had already planned on doing only 50 burpees anyway - I really didn't think I could do all 100 for my first time.

KILLA killed me!  Regardless, I really like these workouts and I LOVE the results I've gotten after only 3 weeks.


  1. So I totally posted on the wrong one date! Your results are great! Keep going Queenie!!

  2. Thanks! The results are the ONLY reason I'm going - lol!