Tuesday, October 2, 2012

32:32 - I did it!  I split today's workout into 4 reps of 25 each, except for the lunges.  I did the first 2 reps @ 15, then the last 2 reps @ 10.  I had planned on doing all 4 @ 15, but just couldn't do it.  I can tell a HUGE difference in my pushups today!  I was able to do 15 p/u's without stopping during the first rep and NO jello arms by the end.  PLUS - I was able to do all 100 girl p/u's - no wall p/u's this time!  Same thing with the situps - I could do 15 without stopping during the first rep, then 10 and it tapered off from there.   I started getting jiggly near the end of the second set of lunges and that's when I decided to only do 10 during the last two reps.  Squats are easy for me, but I am feeling it in my ass right now.

I just feel so much better after these workouts and am still glad I found the blog!  It really does make you feel good to push through and complete the workout, even when you want to stop.  I like doing things at my own pace!

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