Monday, December 31, 2012

I NEVER look cute after my workouts, unless they're the quick 5 minute ones!  lol

I am pretty happy today - I did not workout over the weekend, I know...I should not be happy about that, but my word!  My inner lower calf muscles (if that's what they are) were SO sore from doing jumping jacks on Friday!  I'm really beginning to wonder if I will ever NOT be sore after working out.  You'd think after 3 months, that the soreness would be gone, but NO!  Not for me!  The soreness is finally gone today - yippee - so that makes me happy!  Also, I weighed 249 this morning.  That's the LOWEST I've weighed so far AND with it being my "first thing in the morning" weight, it should go down by this afternoon.  I'm strange - my lowest weight is usually in the afternoon not in the morning like everyone else, so I can't wait to see what it will be this afternoon!  Hopefully, my weight is coming down, but as long as I see the results in inches lost and my clothes fitting better, I'm happy with that, too!

Today's workout is for time, 3 rounds of:
   50 squats
   7 reverse pullups (jump up, go real slow down)
   10 hang power snatch, 20 lbs

I watched the video Jenni posted of dumbbell hang power snatches, and they don't look too bad.  I'm going to see if I can find a few more to watch to make sure I get my arms right, but they look fairly simple.  I'll also be using 24 lbs (2 - 12 lb dumbbells) instead of the prescribed 20 lbs. 
So, I totally ran out of time.  Will work this in tomorrow or over the weekend.  Happy New Year, y'all!!

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