Friday, December 14, 2012

I S'wanee!!!!  My WHOLE lower body is sore today, but especially my badonka-donk!!!  Oh My!  I felt SO good after walking the 5k (I just love saying that!) yesterday, but boy did the achyness start last night and all night and this morning!  I'm hoping once I get up moving around (and after taking some Tylenol) that it works itself out.  I told my Honey-Buns last night that I definitely needed some new workout shoes, so if I don't get any for Christmas then I'll purchase them myself afterwards.

Today's workout doesn't sound too bad, but I've discovered those are the ones to watch out for!  lol

5 rounds of:
   7 deadlift, 60 lbs
   30 squats
   7 pushups

Squatting looks initimidating to me today...maybe because my butt is sore right now?  Hmmm....I think so.  Oh well, gotta do it!
9:49 - 50# deadlifts - the rest as rx'd and man, oh man!  My legs are SOoOooO wobbly!!  Glad it's Friday, but tomorrow I'm doing the infamous 12/12/12 workout!  Yikees!!  :)

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