Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year, y'all!!  I am going to pretend a dinosaur is chasing me today while I run on the treadmill for today's workout!  I guess Jenni would like to see me be a runner this year after all, since that is how we are starting off.  I was really hoping this was an "off" day so I could do yesterday's workout, but looks like yesterday's workout will be done on Saturday.

Today's workout is for time:
   Run 800 meters (.491/mile)
   30 pushups
   30 front squats w/40 lbs
   30 knees to elbows
   30 power cleans w/20 lbs

Well, just got my black-eye peas and greens going, so I'm on my way to change and workout.  Will post my time shortly.

Okay - so I was looking at everyone's times and noticed someone mentioned the "2nd round" being tough, and double checked - yep...2 rounds!!!  Yikes!  So, I'm totally splitting this into 4 segments:

Run 400 meters (1/4 mile)
15 pushups
15 front squats w/40 lbs
15 knees to elbows
15 power cleans w/20 lbs

Looks like I'll start the new year off sucking wind!  :)
25:27 - I completely changed my mind by the time I got upstairs to my exercise room.  I decided to skip the treadmill (I'm currently in a hate/hate relationship with him!) and rode my stationary bike instead.  I also decided to stick to the 2 rounds as prescribed, so I rode my bike for 1 mile at a 5 resistance and stayed between 17 & 18 mph each round. 

30 pushups each round - check!

30 front squats w/40# - check! - I started with 44 lbs on the first round and did 10 and had to drop the weights down to 37 lbs for the remainder of round 1 and all of round 2.

30 knees to elbows - check!  Still - knees to just above my waistline and 30 of these at a time are really hard!  I struggled more during the first round, than I did the second but I think that was because I wanted to hurry up and finish them!  lol

30 power cleans w/20 lbs - check!  I used 24 lbs for these and must admit they were harder than I'd thought they would be - I'm blaming it on the squats!  :)

Great workout!  Great way to start off the new year!  AND - I almost forgot to mention - I dropped another 1/2 lb, bringing my weight to 248.5 - a total of 6 pounds lost.  But what makes me the proudest?  I dropped weight over the holidays instead of gaining like most people!  It's going to be a great year for this little queen bee!  :)

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