Saturday, December 8, 2012

Just did Thursday's workout and OMG!!!  I am sweating sweaty sweat!  Trust me...that's A LOT!!!  :)

That was an awesome workout and I thought at one point about skipping some burpees, and the deadlifts near the end and those last squats, but then I thought "I ain't no quitter!" so I finished.  Not only did I finish but I finished in under 30 minutes!!!  I saw that most people did theirs anywhere from 20-30 minutes and thought mine would be 45-60 minutes, so I am very impressed with my time.  Are you ready for it?  27:02!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yup, yup - that's how I roll!  And believe me, I was rolling - especially after the situps!  lol   I'm confused on the difference between regular situps and CrossFit situps, so I just did all CrossFit situps and am also very proud to say I can do 20 of those without stopping!  My pushups were weak today which was surprising to me.  But my legs are still quivering! 

Just a reminder of what Thursday's (today's) workout entailed:
   20 of each:
      wall ball
      box jumps
      push ups
      cleans, 20 lbs
      jump rope
      thrusters, 10 lbs
      front squats, 20 lbs
      kettle bell, 20 lbs
      push press, 20 lbs
      bench dips
      sumo deadlift high pulls, 20 lbs
      hang squat cleans, 20 lbs
      CF situps
      walking lunge
      deadlift, 20 lbs
      knees to elbows

I used two 12 lb dumbbells with all weighted exercises (total of 24 lbs).  I plan on doing yesterday's (Friday) workout tomorrow, so I won't be skipping any of my workouts.  Still sweating from this one!

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