Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I should have posted this pic yesterday just to remind ME!  I was such a bad girl yesterday - didn't post...didn't work out...JEEZ!!  I didn't do the 12/12 workout over the weekend either.  I've just been so busy shopping and doing holiday stuff, but I WILL get back on track today.  I always feel so guilty when I don't work out, but I had no "get up and go" yesterday.  It's been rainy and yucky weather here - I couldn't live where it rains the majority of the time.  I would be so miserable without my sunshine!  I will do the 12/12 workout and yesterday's workout - hopefully this weekend.  I might do yesterday's workout after today's workout since they are both short ones, then save the 12/12 for the weekend.  I really want to do the 12/12 workout because it sounds so hard (and long!) and I really want to see what I can do.

Today's workout doesn't look too bad.  Do as many rounds in 12 minutes of:
   15 Deadlifts, 60 lbs
   15 Deficit Pushups - hands on books, weights, or something!
   15 box jumps, 18"

Yesterday's workout is 4 rounds of:
   10 Dumbbell snatches, 15 lbs (alternate arms - right arm 1st round, left arm 2nd round, etc)
   200 foot sprint

I'll let you know how I do later!
Today's workout - 4 complete rounds
WOW!  Deficit pushups are WAY harder than regular pushups!!  Also - did deadlifts w/50 lbs - it's all I got!!  lol - My husband was on the treadmill today while I was working out.  I made him swear not to laugh at me and guess what?  He was a good boy!  lol - He finally was allowed to see what I have to do and I think he now understands why I come downstairs huffing and puffing!  :)

I also did yesterday's workout when he was done with the treadmill.  Instead of doing "rounds", I just went ahead and did alternating arms/dumbbell snatches then I ran on the treadmill when he was finished.  My arm exercise time was 1:39.  I looked up to see how many miles 800 feet is (.151/mile) and ran that.  And by run, I mean RUN!!  I ran at 5.3 for the majority and slowed to a walk for the last three "block" segments on my treadmill and guess what I realized today?  I am NOT a runner!  Boy was I sucking wind!!  I don't know what it is about running.  I'm trying.  Really.  I am.  :)  OH!  Forgot to mention my treadmill time - 1.59.  That makes yesterday's workout time 3:38, which wasn't too bad considering I did it AFTER working out for today AND being a "run" workout!  I'm happy.

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