Monday, December 24, 2012

3 Month Check-In

This is SO true for me!  I've even asked my husband if something was wrong with me, because what I see in the mirror is NOT what my camera shows me!  lol - Oh well, that's just one of life's mysteries, huh?

Well, today makes three months that I have been doing these CrossFit workouts.  I can't believe I've stuck with it for three months, but if I hadn't been seeing a difference I would have given up already and went back to my treadmill.  I am so glad I came across the workout blog on Pinterest - it has made a difference in my life!  I can see a difference with my tape measure, the fit of my clothes, my strength, and my overall fitness.  I can breathe better!  Don't get me wrong, stairs and hills still get my heartrate going and I'm not a runner yet, but I AM getting better! 

I will be posting my updated measurements later today - I have some errands to do this IS Christmas Eve after all!  I will also do my workout sometime this morning as well.  From 12:00 on, my day is full.  I never did the dreaded 100 burpee workout that I missed last week, and hope to do it tomorrow if a workout is not scheduled.  I know it's Christmas, but we are doing our family get together in the morning and the rest of the day is free and since my beloved Patriots won't be playing and my Falcons have already played and there won't be ANY football games on and I HATE pro-basketball, I might as well workout, right?  Right!  :)

Today's workout is 5 rounds of:
   10 front squats, 40 lbs
   20 CrossFit situps
Today's Workout - 9:22 :)

I'll put my results on this post tomorrow.  I will say I have lost a total of 17 inches and 5 pounds since I started CrossFit.  SO happy!!  I have to go shower and get ready to go to my in-laws for our Christmas celebration. 

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