Monday, December 10, 2012

11 Week Stats

I have been following CrossFit Mamas' blog for 11 weeks now.  It's hard to believe it's been 11 weeks!  I'm still not seeing hardly any results on my weight, but  I do see a big difference in my clothes and in the mirror.  It just has me stumped on why my weight hasn't really gone down, but my husband said I needed to quit obsessing over that and be happy with seeing the results.  I know I'm stronger - there are LOTS of exercises I can now do that I couldn't when I started.  CF situps, pushups, box jumps, jump rope, running - the list goes on and on.  I'm still not great at running, but I see a major improvement there.  I just need to get it in my head to quit worrying about the scales.  Stupid scales!  lol

I promise I am updating my stats today.  I don't care what they are, I'll take them and put them up.  My goal before the new year is to at least weigh in the 240's.  I keep hovering between 250 and 252 and it's driving my crazy!  I'm also taking pics today, but those will not be shared because I'm taking those just in my bra and panties and really don't want THAT out in cyberspace!

Today's workout is for time, 5 rounds of:
   100 jump rope
   10 deadlift, 60 lbs
   Rest 1 minute

It's a good thing I can now jump rope, huh?  lol  :)
Okay - I did my measurements and let's just say I don't know what sucked stats or my jumprope skills.  Pathetic!!  I'm not giving up, I just need to really do better with my food choices.  I feel great and my clothes fit better than ever, but my stats are not what they were just a few weeks ago, BUT they are better than when I started = gotta think positive, right? they are:

9/24 stats:                      12/10 stats:      Difference
254.5             Weight     251                  -3.5 lbs
42                  Bust          39.75               -2.25
49                  Waist        45                    -4
56                  Hips          53                    -3
15.5              UpRArm   15.5                  0
15.5              UpLArm    15.5                 0
29.5              R Thigh      29.25              -.25
30                 L Thigh      29.25              -.5
20.25            R Calf        19.75              -.5
20.                L Calf         20                  0

Total loss of 10.5 inches, which is good.  I just don't know if I was measuring wrong previously or not, but I'll take it.

Back to today's workout - I had the worst time but this was because of my jumprope skills, or should I say lack of jumprope skills?  I can jump, just not the rope!  lol  I finally gave up and just jumped without the rope on the last round and I wish I had done that after my lousy first round of jumping!  I used 50 lbs with my deadlifts, but I did 12 reps each round.  I figured 10 reps @ 60 lbs = 600 lbs and 12 reps @ 50 lbs = 600 lbs - so that's how I came up with that number.

I did take pictures today as well and can tell the difference between my "Day 4" pics and today's pictures and also a difference in my face from my October 5th picture of my face and today's pic of my face.  It's a little slimmer.

Nothing but positive thoughts now.  I'm getting in shape, I'm getting stronger and that's what counts!  :)


  1. You are doing great! A psitive attitude counts for a lot, and working out just makes you feel so great! Keep up the good work, weight is just a number, when you feel good you look good! :)

  2. Thanks, Jen! I'm trying to stay positive! Today actually was okay - I surpassed that hump bringing my total weight loss to 5 pounds! :)

  3. Awesome! Weighloss is such an up and down journey, and it's so easy to get discouraged, you just have to keep plugging away, I speak from experience, kept 110 off for 5 years now, but still chipping away at the final 20-30. Think I might give the Visalus a try! :) Cant hurt! Love reading about your progress!!