Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Good morning!  You will be happy to know I have not weighed myself this morning like I usually do.  I'm avoiding my scales for now.  Let's see how long that will last!  lol

Today's workout looks like a short one, so I'm going to do a pre-programmed workout on my treadmill beforehand.

For time -
   30 front squats w/20-30 lbs
   7 pullups (or attempted pullups)
   30 front squats w/20-30 lbs
   5 pullups (or attempted pullups)

Short and easy, PLUS this will count against my 65 squats for the squat-a-thon!  I know, I know.  I said I wasn't doing it but decided as long as I'm not sore I will do them and today is a non-sore day.   Tomorrow is another story! 
4:42!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm in the average time range!!  Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!  I used 24 lbs for the squats and did a total of 3 unassisted pullups, but switched to assisted and came down extremely slowly - my arms were quivering!

I also did a programmed workout on my treadmill - workout #1.  This workout used to make me SO out of breath and I would always slow the fastest timed segment down from 3.5 mph to 3.2 mph.  Well!  Today, I did it as programmed and checked my heart rate throughout the workout.  The highest my heart rate got was 125 at 3.5 mph with an incline of 6 (10 is the highest incline the treadmill goes).  Not bad!  I was surprised I wasn't as tired from this workout as I used to be - so I MUST be getting stronger!  YAY!!  I did the treadmill before I did the CrossFit workout.  I also added 5 weighted squats (untimed) at the end so I could count this for my 65 squats for the squat-a-thon.  :)

OH!  My whole "ignoring the scales" didn't last long.  I weighed before working out and guess what?  I made it below 250!  That's right - 249.5!  That's a total of 5 pounds lost.  I'm hoping the weight does start coming down - I was very discouraged yesterday, but I refuse to stop my workouts.  This is the longest I've stuck with them while doing them by myself, at home.  Still loving CrossFit!

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