Thursday, December 13, 2012

So, I totally shopped all afternoon into the evening yesterday and did not work out.  I'm saving yesterday's workout for Saturday, but  must admit looking at everyone's times is VERY intimidating!!  Even Jenni's time was 59 minutes and some odd seconds, so there's no telling what my time will look like!  I can usually look at everyone's times and double them in my head and come really close to what my actual time is.  So, on Saturday I will do the workout and hope for the best.  I certainly hope it doesn't take me two hours, though!!  One good thing about saving this for Saturday?  Yesterday's squat-a-thon number was 70 and Saturday's is 85 for a total of 155.  I'll be doing 144 in the workout, so I'll just need to add 11 more.  Two days in one - gotta love that!  :)

Today's workout looks intimidating as well - well, at least to me it does.  Run a 5K.  Really?  Run?  A 5K?  Oh my goodness - WHAT are they thinking?  lol   I looked it up and 5 kilometers is 3.1 miles, so I seriously doubt I will run that entirely.  I think I may just do a 30 minute programmed workout on the treadmill (that's usually 1.5 miles) or if it's not too cold outside, I may just go walk the trails in the park.  There are two trails that are a mile long each with LOTS of hills, and a trail that goes around a pond that is .6 miles long, so I could do that one twice to come up to 3.2 mile.  I really wouldn't mind doing that - no running though (not in front of people!), but it would be a nice, long, fast walk!  You'll see what I decide later!
I decided to walk in the park for a total of 3.2 miles!  I did both longer trails (up hills and down!) for 1 mile each, and the pond trail which is fairly flat and .6/mile.  Gorgeous day in Georgia to walk outside - sunny, blue skies, 60 degrees, and just enough of a breeze to keep you from being too hot!  This took awhile (an hour) but it was a great workout!  :)

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