Thursday, December 27, 2012

I am surprised to say that I can lift and move my arms today.  My triceps were SO sore after yesterday's workout, but feel fine this morning.  My badonka-donk is another matter.  I'm really beginning to wonder if I will ever wake up without a sore ass?  lol  You'd think those muscles would be like, "Okay...we're being used...over and over!", but NO!  It seems like they are still surprised!!  Oh well, it's just something I'll have to live with.    :)

Today's workout doesn't look too bad, but as I've said before - those are the ones that usually are!  For time, 3 rounds of:
   *Run 200 meters (.124/mile)
   7 push presses w/10 lb dumbbells
   14 knees to elbows

I'm curious if the push presses are supposed to be a 10 lb dumbbell in each hand?  I hope so, because that's the way I intend to do it - only I'll probably use 12 lb dumbbells in each hand.  It's either 12 lbs or 9.5 lbs, so I always try to go with the one that's a little more.  I'm also excited to use my workout gloves I received for Christmas from my son.  He was too funny telling me I could use them while doing my "knee to elbow things"!  Then, my daughter was like "OH!  They're open on the top of the hands, which is good since you're such a weirdo and sweat there!"  So sweet.  I really do sweat on top of my hands.  As far as I know (and I HAVE asked around), I'm the only person I know who sweats there.  Oh well, it is what it is.  Sweat is just my fat crying, so that's a good thing!!  

YIKES!  I was just checking out everyone's times so far (it kinda gives me an idea of what to shoot for) and noticed people talking about running and I thought...running?  We aren't running today!  So I looked at the blog again and guess what?  We ARE running today!!  ARRGGHH - 200 meters each round, which is .124/mile for a total of .372/mile.  I WILL run the entire distance - no walking.  THAT is my goal and I WILL make it!  :)
14:22 - Probably the worst time, but you know what?  I did it!  I've decided that even though I would like to be a runner, I sure don't enjoy running!  Lord help me if I'm ever being chased!  Hopefully I'll be running off of the adrenaline if that ever happens!  lol 

I used 12 lb. dumbbells for the push presses, so I guess that makes 24 lbs.  I'm glad I did that much, I really couldn't see me using less - even with the 12 lb dumbbells it still seemed a little light weight.  Maybe I'm just stronger now!

My knees to elbows are now knees to waist and just a tad above that - so that's an improvement from knees to hips!  :)  I tried using my new workout gloves with the bar, but because my bar has padding where you grip, it just made the cut off fingers hurt my real fingers - so I had to take them off.

I also got back on the treadmill and finished out to a mile.  I walked (no more running today!) at 3.3/mph and inclined every 30 seconds.  Once I reached and walked at the 10 incline (the highest one), I started declining every 30 seconds until I came back down to 0 (the lowest setting).  After walking that for 30 seconds, I slowed down to 3.0/mph for 30 seconds, 2.8/mph for 30 seconds, and finally 2.5/mph for the remainder - it was just a tad over 30 seconds.

I feel like I've done a GREAT workout today!  So glad it was a day of rest on the squat-a-thon!  :)

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