Friday, December 28, 2012

I need to remember this!  I'm always saying "So far, I have the worst time" whenever I post my time on the CrossFit blog.  I'm not always the slowest, but I'm usually right there at the bottom.  Honey Buns (this is what I call my husband) will usually reply with "At least you're doing something" and that makes me feel better.  Then, I get to thinking there has to be some who do the exercise but don't post their times for whatever reason and I recall an earlier blog where I posted all of my stats and remember - the reason I post my stats is not necessarily for people to see (even though I know some see it) but because I'm "owning" my body and my results.  By putting it out there for everyone to see, whether I'm proud of them or not, I am letting the world know "This is me."  So, I will continue to post my times on the CrossFit blog, whether they're good or bad it's me telling the world "It wasn't pretty, but I DID IT!!!!!"

That being said, I will probably have a sucky time with today's workout!  lol  Today is a doozy...for time:
   50 jumping jacks
   50 push ups
   50 jumping jacks
   50 CrossFit situps
   50 jumping jacks
   50 squats
   50 jumping jacks
   50 back extensions

UGH!  Back extensions!  I think I'd rather do burpees than back extensions!  I think it's because I feel like a beached whale whenever I do them - maybe I'll like them better once my stomach gets smaller, but right now?  No.  I don't like 'em.  Will I do them?  Yes.  Yes, I will.  And I'll be happy about it because it will let me know today's workout is over when I finish them!  :)  Positive thoughts...
25:00 - WOW!  This was a tough one, but I feel great right now.  Tomorrow might be another story!  lol - SO glad it's the weekend, but I still have the squat-a-thon to do.  I added an extra 35 squats after my timed workout to reach today's squat-a-thon goal of 85.  I am tired (but in a good way)!!!

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