Sunday, December 9, 2012

Just finished Friday's workout!  I set a personal goal of 5 rounds and surpassed that!  I did 5.5 rounds - not too bad!

Just a reminder of what the workout was:
  As many rounds as you can in 15 minutes of:
    8 bench dips
    10 box jumps
    12 walking lunges w/20 lbs
    15 CrossFit situps

I did 6 rounds of the bench dips and box jumps (11" box), 5 rounds of lunges w/24 lbs and the situps.

I am finally up to 11" box jumps and let me say - they are WAY harder than 10" - or they seem like it anyway.  I'm really feeling my thigh muscles today!  :)

I think I'm giving up on the squat-a-thon - my ass muscles are entirely too sore!  I don't like being in constant pain and there just didn't seem to be any recovery going on unless I skipped a day.  So, that's out!

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