Thursday, August 1, 2013

Never quit.

Never quit.  If you stumble, get back up.  What happened yesterday no longer matters.  Today's another day so, get back on track and move closer to your dreams and goals.  You can do it.

This is perfect for me this week!  I'm determined and excited to get my workouts back on track.  I know it's only been the last couple of weeks that I have really been skipping the workouts, but I feel like it's been all summer!  I really will be glad when school starts back and my schedule is back to normal.  I have to take my daughter back to Athens today, but it should be just a quick trip - she just needs to check her mail and see if any packages have been delivered.  Several people have told her they were having her baby gifts shipped to her home, so we're going to check that - but don't worry....I'll be back in time to work out today!  :)

Both CaliFit Mamas and Brand X have the same workout today, so I guess that's God's way of telling me I need to run, so that's what I'm going to do!!

CaliFit Mamas and Brand X:
   Run 5k

CaliFit says to compare this to 12/13/12, so I looked back and guess what?  I walked this in the park - apparently it was a beautiful 60-degree, light & breezy day!  Anyway, it took my an hour to walk 3.2 miles - 5k is 3.1 miles.  I was thinking I did a 5k since then, so I was looking back and saw that I did a 6k run on July 4th.  My treadmill time for that was 64:05, which averaged out to 17.08 per mile.  So....I'll see if that improves.  Y'all DEFINITELY wish me luck!  :)

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