Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hello! My name is Consistency.

Hello!  My name is Consistency.  I make it happen day in and day out.  You might know my good friend, Success - we're always hanging out!

My new motto - be consistent!!  I know without a doubt that if I just stick to my plan, I will reach my goal.  I know this.  I will do this!  :)

Today is "back to school" time for Hayley, so today's blog will be short and sweet.  Mostly because I'm always running behind.  It's going to be weird to actually put on clothes before 11:00!  I've gotten so used to wearing my pajamas until I go out and do my errands.  Oh no!  This means I must wear a bra!!!   Oh well, that also means I get the pleasure of taking it off later.  I don't know about you guys, but taking off my bra just brings out calm and peace in me - my body knows it's definitely time to relax when the bra comes off!  :)

Katy goes to the doctor today and they're doing an ultrasound.  Unfortunately, her husband is able to go - he always gets to go do the fun stuff!  :)  They're going to get accurate measurements on my little Addy and make sure everything is okay.  They don't believe anything is going on - just with Katy's blood pressure going up they feel the need to be positive.  She's doing great with her movements and kicking, but Katy is measuring right on track - they just said they want to be absolutely positive, even though right now they're "pretty sure"!  Regardless, the count down is on - August 27th will be here before I know it!

My legs were just a little bit sore last night, but nothing too bad.  I didn't need to take an aspirin or anything and everything is fine this morning - so far, so good!

Today's workout:

Warm-up:  Conditioning Drill #1
                  Military Movement Drill
Activity:  4 rounds of 30:60s
Cool Down:  Stretch Drill

I'm not going to list out the Drill exercises today - it just takes too long!  I'll only list them out if it's a different one.  I'll be glad when I know the exercises completely by name and don't have to refer to the manual to see what they are.  My workout will go much faster!  For those of you who don't know, 30:60s is a speed running drill.  You sprint as fast as you can for 30 seconds, then walk/recover for 60 seconds.  You do that today four times.  It doesn't look like today's workout will be too long, but you never know!
Well, I guess I spoke too soon - being called "consistency" and all.  My daughter went for her ultrasound this afternoon and left the midwives' office to go directly to the hospital.  Katy's blood pressure was up and did not go down and little Addy's only measuring around 4 lbs 14 oz, so they wanted to hook her up to a fetal monitor just to make sure everything's okay.  Katy's blood pressure went way down after laying on her side for a bit, Addy's heart rate is great and stable, but after Katy ate they were concerned that Addy wasn't moving as much as they'd like.  She is moving like normal according to Katy, but the midwife said they like to see even more movement.  Needless to say, Katy is staying overnight for monitoring and an ultrasound specialist will be in town tomorrow and they're going to have him (or her - I don't know which) do a full-blown ultrasound to rule stuff out.  They think Addy's smallness could be genetic - I was a 6 1/2 lb baby, Honey-Buns was 6 lbs, and Katy was 6 lbs 12 oz.  We should know more tomorrow after the ultrasound.  I'm going straight to the hospital in the morning after getting Hayley up.  Perry will take her to school and pick her up after as well.  Say lots of prayers!!  :)

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