Monday, August 19, 2013

Be stronger than your excuses.  I really, really, really need to remember this!  I've got to stop giving in to my "I don't wanna" and learn to tell myself to SHUT UP and SUCK IT UP and just do this!  lol  I'm only hurting myself when I don't!

Well, that being IS a busy day for me, but tough luck - I'm just going to have to fit in a work out.  I cleaned carpet on Friday afternoon, was a lazy bum on Saturday, and cleaned upstairs yesterday afternoon. I actually cleaned my hall carpet again.  I shouldn't be amazed at how dirty it was/is - I don't believe I have cleaned it (other than with the stuff you spray on and let dry before vacuuming up) since we've lived here - which, sad to say, has been since 2001.  It just does NOT seem like that long!  My hallway looks a LOT better, but I'm still going to clean it again and again and again and again until the water comes out looking better than it did.  So, for those of you out there who haven't cleaned your carpets, do it!   Even if it doesn't look bad, it probably is!!  lol  I also got the crib put together yesterday and the new quilt put on the guest room bed.  Katy and Addy will be here all week - I'm going to pick them up sometime today since Katy was advised not to drive for three weeks after Addy's birth.  That's what is going to take up most of my day.  After I pick them up we are stopping by my sister-in-law's house so she can visit with her great-niece.  She offered to pick them up and bring them here, but she has personal "issues" going on and neither Katy nor I want her driving with them in the car.  Sad situation...but I'm super excited I have my baby girls for a whole week!!

I had decided to run today and then do whatever workout was scheduled with HIITMamas, but turns out it's a run day for them as well!

3 Rounds for time
   Run 400 meters
   21 Kettlebell swings w/20 lbs
   12 Pull-ups
*Compare to 5/21/13 - only I did this on 5/22/13 with a time of 20:24

I looked back and saw that I ran the entire 400 meters in round 1, so I will do that again today.  I'm really going to try to run all of it in the other two rounds as well, so...fingers crossed!
Short and sweet today - my baby girls are here!!  I worked out before lunch, since I knew I would be super busy this afternoon and I just got a chance to update.

Time today:  19:47!!  Woot-Woot!!  SO proud of that!  I ran the entire first round of 400 meters, walked 1 minute, ran 1.5 minutes for round 2 until 400 meters complete, then walked 1 minute, ran 1 minute for the last 400 meters.  My total treadmill time was 17:08, but 5 minutes of that was from my warm-up walk of 400 meters - I actually did 1 mile on the treadmill today.

Kettlebell swings w/25 lbs
Attempted actual pull-ups - no assists

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