Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The goal is to get fit.

The goal is to get fit.  Make it the best hour of your day, stay safe, turn up the music, high five some people, and blow off some steam.  So remember that.  Relax.  Have fun.  Work out.

This is what I do...I turn up the music (my daughter said she didn't want to hear me complain of the t.v. being too loud after seeing how loud my workout music is!), and I just get it done.  Some days are more fun than others, but I have to admit it is fun.  Why else would I stick with it for so long if it wasn't?  Oh get fit!  ;)

Of all things that have ever been sore on my body, there is a new one this morning - my ankles/feet!  I guess from all of the running I've been doing.  I got out of bed and almost fell with the first step I took - my feet didn't want to bend!!  Then, I finally took a step or two and landed on a nail head that is apparently coming up in the floor.  Talk about pain!  I've got to get my hammer out and fix that sucker - that really hurt!  I'm not a morning person, but then factor in not being able to walk and stepping on something - NOT a good morning so far!  lol 

I have to decided to do my own workout today and not any of the other sites that I follow.  I'm going to do a modified version of "Helen".  The real Helen is supposed to have pull-ups, but I'm going to substitute push-ups instead.  My goal is still to be Army fit by the end of the year and I do my first "test" on Friday, so I really feel like I should do another running workout today.  I wouldn't mind doing some sort of running every day - I can tell a difference already, but of course, I haven't done any type of distance without breaks in between so I guess I should throw one of those in there every now and then, huh?  Anyway, there will be no workout tomorrow - there is always a rest day in the fitness manual before "test" day, so I'm going to see if that helps me out any.'s today's workout:

3 Rounds for Time
   Run 400 meters
   21 Kettle-bell swings w/25 lbs
   12 Push-ups

18:42 - Not bad...not great, but I'll take it 'cause I KNOW I worked my ass off!!!  My total treadmill time was 11:48.  No, it did not take me that long to do kettle-bell swings and push-ups.  Most of that extra time was catching my breath and blowing my nose - mostly catching my breath!  lol  I am very glad to say I did not have to stop for breaks during the kb swings nor push-ups, so YAY me!!  I ran the majority of the time on the treadmill - like yesterday.  I would run 200 meters, walk 100 meters, then run 100 meters - except on the last round.  I ran 150 meters, walked 100 meters, ran 100 meters, then walked 50 meters.  I really wanted to push it and run the final 150 meters, but I was sucking wind...big time!!

Before starting today's workout, I did a warm-up walk on the treadmill for 400 meters.  This was NOT included in my workout time.  So far this week, I have put in 3.25 miles on my treadmill - not too shabby!  Tomorrow is a rest day for me because I'm doing my Army Fitness test on Friday - running 2 miles then counting how many push-ups and sit-ups I can do in two minutes each.  Hopefully there will be some sort of improvement.  :)

I'm also going to create separate blogs for the named CrossFit workouts so I can keep up with my times easier and see if there is any improvement or not.  That should be easier, don't you think?  Me too!  :)


  1. Good for you! I'm curious to learn how/where you found that image :) you see, I took that shot and my Head Coach/Owner of CrossFit Resurrection in Barrie ON painstakingly painted it on our wall there! It's one of our "motivation" spaces - our members jokingly jostle for position there in the WOD - I have images of people doing Wall Balls, Hand Stand Push Ups, Pull ups, Squats, Ring Dips at that location!

    I love that this image has gone so viral! From Facebook (where I originally posted it) to Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, we - all of us at CFR LOVE finding this image. Pat Sherwood taught Kristin, Jonathan, Mischele and I think Jules - as well as myself when we took our L1 CrossFit Instructors.

    Keep up your efforts!

  2. Good morning, Heather! I actually found that just doing a Google search - I always just search for exercise quotes, then click on images and scroll until I find one I like. Some days it takes longer to find what I'm looking for, others I come across a quote fairly quickly. This is definitely one of my favorites!!