Friday, August 16, 2013

Go do something that makes you sweat.  Well, I plan to!  lol  As you probably have already guessed, I did not get a workout in yesterday.  We stayed at Katy's longer than we thought we would.  We ended up taking everyone to lunch, then had some more Addy-loving time.  We got back in town just in time to pick up Hayley from school, then I had to run my usual errands - post office, bank, store.  I went to Wally-world and bought a much needed carpet cleaner, then when I got home I put it together and cooked supper.  Then, my day was done.  I had originally planned to rent a carpet cleaner, but saw one at Walmart for $140 - rentals run anywhere from $25-40/day.  I thought "you know, with Addy here it's not a bad idea just to have one".  Plus, Katy can borrow it if she needs to.  Kids are messy!  lol  I'm not sure if I'm going to work out today, because I am going to clean carpets.  I'm cleaning the hallway and my guest/Addy room.  After cleaning the guest/Addy room, I have to put together the crib and get it ready.  Katy and Addy will both be here all next week while Katy's hubby, Andy, is going to his last week of school for work.  I'm super excited I get them for a whole week!!

So, if I do get to work out I plan to do the workout that I missed yesterday, which was:
   2 rounds for time
      30 thrusters w/20 lbs
      30 knees to elbows
Y'all have a good weekend - looks like ours will be rainy, rainy, rainy!


  1. hi Berta,
    I recognize you from your comments on the Cross Fit Mamas blog. I found the blog almost a year ago and followed faithfully until just a few months ago when I stopped because I was so pregnant that I found I had to modify all of the workouts! I know Jenni was having trouble with the Cross Fit gurus and had to keep switching the domain name, and I would check in periodically just to make sure I still had the right site address, but I haven't for the last several weeks and now I can't find it! A google search brought up your blog, and I'm hoping you know how I can get back on to follow Cross Fit Mamas. The most recent address I have is Do you know what happened and what the most current address is?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Jenni had to change the name of the blog again (!), but hopefully it will stay the same this time. It's now HIITMamas - for High Intensity Interval Training Mamas. The new web address is:

      Welcome back!

  2. Thanks so much! I'm so excited to get into it again that I'm doing cartwheels and backflips over here! (Ok, I will be in a few weeks when I finish healing.) I really appreciate your help!

  3. Anything to help out a fellow "Mama"! Congratulations on your new one!! My daughter just had her first child (a girl!) last Thursday. I'm on my way now to go pick them up for to stay with me for the week while my son in law is out of town. SO excited!!

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