Monday, August 5, 2013

Okay Monday, let's do this!

Okay Monday, let's do this!  Finally - a normal week is planned and I believe I can do this!!  So, this time (for real) I'm starting my Army Fitness Training.  I plan on seeing how things go this week, but I'm actually thinking of doing the Army training one week, then CrossFit the next, back to Army training, etc.  I'll see - I just don't want to get bored with it and feel like it's too repetetive.  I haven't looked too closely at the 12-week program, but I really do enjoy doing CrossFit and don't want to "decline" in any of my CrossFit accomplishments so far - which is why I will more than likely switch it out every week.

I don't know about you, but I had a very nice, relaxing weekend.  Honey-Buns won his race on Saturday #8 for the year!  He's so cute - he's had a couple of little kids that have asked for his trophy the past few weekends, so he's been giving it to them.  Too sweet!  Other than going to the races, I did absolutely nothing and I must was wonderful!!  :)

Just a reminder of what I will be doing today - I know you've probably forgotten, I know I have!

Conditioning Drill #1
   5 reps each
      Bend & reach
      Rear lunge
      High jumper
      Squat bender
      Forward lunge
      Prone row
      Bent leg body twist

Military Movement Drill
   1 rep each - 25 yards
      Shuttle sprint

   5 reps
      Walk 4 minutes, run 2 minutes

Stretch Drill
   Hold each for 20 seconds
      Overhead arm pull
      Rear lunge
      Extend & flex
      Thigh stretch
      Single leg over

This is not a timed workout, but just the activity alone is 30 minutes, so I figured another 15 or 20 minutes for the other exercises - possibly longer.  I know I'll be doing the conditioning and movement drills in the basement.  I have more room down there for the movement drill, so instead of doing stuff upstairs, then going down to the basement, then back upstairs for the rest - I'm just going to start in the basement and do the activity and stretching upstairs in my exercise room.  

I'm going to be updating my measurements today and I have to admit, I'm not looking forward to it.  I know they haven't improved, I'm just hoping they haven't gotten worse.  I know my weight is up a few pounds, but I wasn't ever concerned about my weight as long as I was losing inches.  Scary stuff - but it is what it is and I know once I get back in the groove of things, it will all improve.  As today's blog is titled....let's do this!!
I DID IT!!  Yay, accomplishment!!  :)  As I mentioned earlier, this was not a timed workout - however, it did take me close to an hour to complete.  The conditioning drill exercises weren't hard, just awkward to do.  The military movement exercises got my heart rate going - especially the sprints!  My basement is 25 feet (8 yards), so I did the movement exercises 3 x across - except for the sprints because you were supposed to sprint 25 yards, touch the ground and turn around and sprint 25 yards, touch the ground and turn around and sprint 25 yards - I had to do those 9 x across.  I was surprised how quickly my heart rate jumped doing the laterals!  Then, I went all the way upstairs to my exercise room for the activity exercise on the treadmill.  VERY proud to say I completed it as prescribed - 5 times of walking 4 minutes, running 2 minutes.  I SO wanted to stop running on the 4th run segment, but I was already up to 1:40 and figured I could do 20 more seconds.  Then, I REALLY wanted to stop on the last run segment, but was at 1:29 and forced, forced, forced myself to continue to the end.  Thirty minutes on the treadmill for a total of 1.75 miles and 246.7 calories.  That's just not right - it really should be more than that!  The stretching drill was one of my faves - it felt really good to stretch, except my cat thought it was "her" time while I was stretching.  I don't know about you, but to me there's nothing worse than being hot and sweaty and having a furry cat trying to rub on your arms, legs, and face!  Horrible feeling!

I took my heart rate every time I completed a run and am surprised at what my results were - they actually weren't too bad (I don't think anyway).
   1st run segment - 126, then 131
   2nd run segment - 130, then 112
   3rd run segment - 99, then 118
   4th run segment - 123, then 101
   5th run segment - 111, then 101
I figured it would have been worse than that, but am glad it's not.  GREAT workout = HAPPY girl!!  :)

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