Friday, August 9, 2013

Adelae Carla Nguyen

Adalae Carla Nguyen is here!!  She decided she could NOT wait to meet her Grammie and Gramps - "Ain't nobody got time for that!"  lol  -  She's tiny, but beautiful and healthy - no health issues that I know of as of bedtime last night!!  

4 lbs 10 oz - 17.5 inches long
head full of hair

As you can guess, I'm not working out today.  Since Addy made her debut three weeks early, I am going to Katy's house this morning and get everything in order.  I believe they are coming home from the hospital today and she doesn't even have a cover for the changing table yet!!  Yikies!!!  Lots of work to do, but I am already in awe of this little girl!!!  Looks like I'm going to start over again next week - y'all have a good weekend!!!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What exciting news!! Hope everyone is well :) Enjoy this new little bundle of joy, she is precious! :)