Monday, August 12, 2013

Your workout is your time.

Your workout is your time.  Be selfish.  Take what you need.  This is SO true!  I love "me" time, I just haven't been able to fit it in lately, but hopefully (hopefully, hopefully!) my schedule will go back to normal soon.  :)

Yes, I'm still on a high from my beautiful, granddaughter being born!  What a crazy week last week turned out to be!  Katy went for her regular check-up on Wednesday, and they did her scheduled ultrasound.  They said the baby was small (only 4 lbs 14 oz) and they didn't see her take any "practice" breaths, plus Katy's blood pressure was up and would not come down after relaxing for a few minutes - so they sent Katy to the hospital for monitoring.  As soon as she laid down on her side, her blood pressure came down to normal right away, baby's heart rate was perfect but they wanted to keep Katy overnight just to monitor both her and the baby.  An ultrasound specialist was going to be in town on Thursday and they were going to have him come and do a "full blown" ultrasound on Katy while he was there.  When I arrived Thursday morning, the midwives came in and said "change of plans".  The baby wasn't as active as they'd like to see, and since she was small they thought it would be best to induce labor by first inserting something to soften her cervix, then administering Pitocin (?) through an IV.  Well, they checked Katy and she was already dilated to almost 4!  So, another change of plans - insertion thing was called off, Katy went straight to the birthing center and was given Pitocin.  They said dilating to 4 takes the longest, then it's about a centimeter an hour and we should have baby by sundown.  Well, little Miss Addy had other plans.  This was a very fast labor and I must say Katy made it look so easy.  I'm such a proud Mama and Grammie!!  Addy was born at 2:42 on Thursday afternoon - teeny, tiny thing - 4 lbs, 10 oz - but absolutely NO problems!  Gorgeous!!  Of course, I'm a little partial.  Both Katy and Addy came home on Saturday - they stayed an extra day so Katy could get some rest and get the hang of breastfeeding.  I have to stop myself from going to her house now...I just want to hold her and spoil her!  We did not go by there yesterday, however, they made a surprise visit to us!  :)
Here's a picture of Addy with the Snuggle Monkey that I bought her:
See what I'm talking about with her being tiny?  Snuggle Monkey is bigger than her!  Precious!!

I do know I will more than likely have to go to Atlanta today.  Hayley's joystick that controls her wheelchair has stopped working - we've put the chair in "push" mode, but jeez!  That thing is hard to push!  With her in the chair, it weighs 400 lbs.  I definitely have to get that fixed - I know they won't want to push her around school like that, so she's staying home again today.  I kept her home on Friday thinking Katy was coming home from the hospital, but that didn't work out - so we just stayed all day visiting Katy.  On top of everything else, my mother-in-law has been in and out of the hospital as well, only in a different one from Katy!  They changed her blood thinner medicine and the new medicine makes her sick to her stomach - she was dehydrated and admitted earlier in the week last week.  Then, she went back to the emergency room on Friday morning for the same thing.  Perry was at one hospital in Athens while I was at the other!  I told you it was a crazy week!

Okay - back to work.  I'm doing Week 1 of training again this week, since I missed the majority of last week.  

Warm-up:  Conditioning Drill #1
                  Military Movement Drill
Activity:  5 reps
                   Walk 4 minutes
                    Run 2 minutes
Cool Down:  Stretch Drill

Even though I haven't done a whole lot of working out, I do know my weight has come down some since last week - that's always a plus, right?  When I weighed yesterday afternoon, it was 248 - so that's a  pound less than when I started last week.  I'll take it!


  1. We miss you Queen Beberta!
    (Previously Crossfit Mamas)

  2. Aww, thanks! I miss you guys, too! I think I'm going to alternate weeks with CrossFit and the Army Fit training. Hopefully, I'll get back in the "groove" of things now that school has started back and my little Addy is here!