Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I didn't make it to the gym today.  That makes five years in a row.  Okay, okay - this makes me laugh, but at the same time it makes me realize how quickly time goes by and how easy it is to skip just "one day" and then that day turns into two, then three.  Before you know it, it's been five years since you've worked out!  I'm trying to be very conscious of working out - especially this summer since I have seen how easy it is to get off schedule and miss days.  I don't want my missed days to turn into months and years, so I need to always be aware.  I truly enjoy working out and I really enjoy seeing the difference in how my clothes fit!  I don't want to go back to "muffin tops"...nope, nope, nope!!

Well, my baby girls are here and needless to say, I did not get much done yesterday afternoon!  I'm so glad I decided to go ahead and work out early yesterday.  I plan to stick to my normal schedule today and do not see a reason why anything should be in my way to keep from working out this afternoon.  :)

Today's workout is for time:
   100 Lunges (50 each side)
   100 Push-ups
   100 Sit-ups
   100 Squats

I'm going to split this up into 4 rounds - yes, I know you're not supposed to do it that way, but I really don't see me doing this all in 1 round - especially the push-ups and sit-ups.  So, I'm going to do it my way today!
17:23 - WOW!  That was tough!!  I am so proud of my push-ups, even though they were "girl" push-ups!  I made it the farthest ever without having to stop and stretch it out - yay, me!!  I did split this into 4 rounds of 25 reps each.  I did front lunges the first two rounds, then rear lunges the last two - all rounds without stopping/breaks.  No problems with squats - did all four rounds without breaking them up!  Push-ups and sit-ups are as follows:

Round 1 - 16 push-ups, then 3-5 at a time until I reached 25
              - 25 sit-ups without stopping!
Round 2 - 14 push-ups, then 3-5 at a time until I reached 25
              - 18 sit-ups, then finished to 25
Round 3 - 11 push-ups, then 3-5 at a time until I reached 25
              - 14 sit-ups, then finished to 25
Round 4 - 12 push-ups, then 3-5 at a time until I reached 25
              - 15 sit-ups, then finished to 25

Overall, I'm impressed.  Of course, I haven't compared my time to the others yet but I'm hoping I'm within everyone's range, or at least close to it!  Great workout!

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