Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Zumba?  Bitch, please...I do CrossFit!  :)  Love, love, love this!  Have any of you noticed that people look at you funny when you say you do CrossFit?  I follow a couple of workout sites on Facebook and am always amazed at how everyone acts so snotty when they hear you're doing CrossFit.  You'd think people would be supportive of the fact that at least you are working out and doing something, but I hear (repeatedly) "Oh, that's all about speed and not form" and I tell them no, it's not.  Yes your time is an important part, but I don't do CrossFit to be fast (although I do like the days that my time is inline with everyone else's).  I do it because it's fun and not boring and not the same old, same old.  I actually research the exercises to make sure I am doing them correctly.  I also love CrossFit Mamas because everyone supports you - no matter how sucky your time.  You completed the workout?  Yay!  You ran and walked during that run segment, but maybe ran a little farther than before?  Yay!  You can now do real CrossFit sit-ups and not crunches?  Yay!  I just love that!!  :)  

All of that being said, I am SUPER sore this morning - and not just my thighs.  My shoulders, my back...I think the only places I'm not sore are my hands and feet!  lol  I'm sure the soreness will go away once I get moving around.  This morning I am going to Hayley's special olympics softball game.  It's a beautiful day and Hayley and her friends always make me smile, so I'm really looking forward to this!

When I went to bed last night, I told Honey-Buns "I hope there is no running tomorrow...nor burpees...nor box jumps!  I had planned on NOT doing cardio today, but of course it NEVER works out that way for me!  lol  I'll just suck it up and go.  I really am pleased with my running progress this week and I know it will  not get any better unless I actually run more, so I'm really not complaining.  Really.  I'm not.  ;)

Today's workout is 10 rounds for time:
   100 meter sprint
   Rest 90 seconds

I plan doing this on the treadmill even though someone of CrossFit Mamas said you couldn't.  Actually, she (not Jenni - just another "mama") said shouldn't, but I'm going to.  There are 16 blocks in 400 meters, so I will spring 4 blocks at a time and that should equal 100 meters.  I'm going to run the fastest speed I can (which has been 5.3, but I might actually see if I can go faster).  Jenni said to record your time each round, which I will do but there really shouldn't be a variation on the treadmill, should there?
Okay - I take it back - there WAS a variation on the treadmill because I was trying to push myself and run faster, so...YAY ME!  Another thing I take back (for today, anyway) - you know that whole "I want to be a runner" thing?  Yeah...'bout that...not so much.  ;)

I am proud of myself - don't get me wrong - I'm just tired of running!  lol  I'm posting my times by rounds along with the speed I sprinted - and I sprinted!  I was running at 5.3 speed, until I got smart and realized I was not going to run any kind of distance in a flat-out run, and yes, 5.3 was a flat-out run for me.  Well, not anymore!  I started at 5.3 and bumped it up to 5.8 on my first round, then thought "why not go for 6.0?"  So, I did, then I hit 6.6 by mistake and even wondered if my treadmill was malfunctioning before I realized what I had done, but by then my 4 blocks (100 meters) was up, so I kept it in that range for the remainder.  VERY happy with that!  I did not take the full 90 second breaks in between until after round 4, then I made sure it was at least 90 seconds.  Sometimes longer.  I wanted to be completely unwinded before starting on the next round.  But they weren't much longer than 90 seconds!

1- 41 @ 5.3 speed, bumped up and ended @ 5.8 speed
2- 37 @ 5.8 speed, bumped up and ended @ 6.0 speed
3- 44 @ 6.0 speed
4- 29 @ 6.6 speed in error, then down to 6.2 speed
5- 32 @ 6.6 speed
6- 34 @ 6.6 speed
7- 30 @ 6.6 speed
8- 40 @ 6.6 speed, then down to 6.4
9- 35 @ 6.2 speed
10-33 @ 6.6 speed

I think the reason for the differences is due to stopping and starting, since I did this on the treadmill.  It doesn't just start and stop all at once, but I made sure each segment was only 4 blocks.  :)

My overall workout time (including the rest periods) was 18:13.  I did not include the rest period after the last round.  I actually rested WAY longer than 90 seconds then!  lol

I really hope we are done for running for the week, but I seriously doubt it.  On my list of blogs that I follow, it shows another CrossFit Mama blog with today's date, but I think that one is meant for tomorrow and also one with Thursday's date.  The one for Thursday is the one I really hope is for Friday because it is 5 rounds of running and box jumping and something else.  AARRGGHH!!  Oh well...I'll suck it up and do it.  I'm pleased with my work this week - for sure!!  :)

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