Monday, April 22, 2013

I do it as a therapy.  I do it as something to keep me alive.  We all need a little discipline.  Exercise is my discipline.  - This is SO true for me!  I am so glad I came across CrossFit on Pinterest and even more glad that I made the decision to do it.  However, I am more proud that I have stuck with it.  I can see so many improvements with things I could not do when I started.  I know I sometimes sound like a broken record, but it just amazes me the things I can now do and I am very happy that I did not just quit when some things were just too hard.  Take my running for instance.  It's still hard for me to run any type of distance, but when I first started CrossFit, I couldn't even run for 30 seconds.  Yeah...thirty...3-0...thirty seconds.  I can remember when I was so happy I could run 4 blocks on my treadmill without stopping.  Then 6, then 8, and now I can go 1/4 mile.  Granted, I haven't been able to do that more than once in a workout with several 400 meter runs, but I CAN do it once and that is a BIG improvement!!  Why am I talking about running, you ask?  Well, it's a run day!  :)  

I did not do any workouts over the weekend like I had mentioned doing on Friday.  Saturday was out of the question - it's always a crazy day...sleeping in, running errands, and then off to the race track on Saturday nights.  And yes!  Honey-Buns won again this weekend.  The winning monies went to my son for his birthday, which was yesterday.  My baby is 24!  I can't believe it - time goes by way too fast!  Both children were here yesterday to celebrate his birthday and after they all left, I just didn't feel like doing anything and just became a couch potato. 

CrossFit Mamas:
   5 rounds of
      Run 500 meters (.311/mile)
      15 Bench press w/20 lbs

CrossFit Brand X:
   3 rounds of
      Run 400 meters (1/4 mile)
      25 Wall Ball shots w/10-20 lb ball

I am going to do CrossFit Mamas today since it is the harder of the two workouts, so y'all wish me luck with this.  My goal is to run at least the first round without stopping.  I will run as much as I can for the remaining rounds, however, I will NOT run less than 12 blocks for each of those rounds, which leaves 4 blocks of walking each round.  I think I'm not going to focus on my time so much as my running - meaning I will try to start each run as calmly as possible (not out of breath).  I know that will give me a really sucky time, but I think it's better to try to do all of the running if I can.  :)
37:40...I ran and ran and ran and ran and ran!!!!  SO proud of me!!!  I ran 1/4 mile EVERY round, then walked 100 meters each round!  SO happy right now!!  I had originally planned to run the first round without stopping, and then switch to a walk/run combo on the remaining rounds but I decided to see how many rounds I could run 400 meters without stopping and then walk 100 meters.  Well, I did it round 1, then round 2, then round 3, then 4 and struggled and pushed myself to do the same on round 5.  I rested for a few minutes after bench pressing each round to make sure I could run every 400 meters without slowing to a walk.  I actually just kept walking on the last 100 meters and went over a little bit, but that's okay...I'll take it!  I guess I was still trying to catch my breath.  Anyway, today only called for 2500 meters total, which is 1.55/miles - I actually went 1.57 miles.  Still on cloud nine!!  :)

I bench-pressed more than was prescribed -
   Round 1 - 38 lbs
   Round 2 - 44 lbs
   Round 3 - 44 lbs
   Round 4 - 50 lbs
   Round 5 - 50 lbs

I so did not want to do today's workout, but am very glad I did.  Not only did I do it, but I kicked my goals in the ass today!  :)


  1. You don't sound like a broken record! You should absolutely be so proud of yourself!! I am and I don't even know you :)
    Tell Honey buns congrats! lol
    Have an awesome week!

  2. Thanks, Jen! So far my week is off to a great start! :)