Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Don't 'cha wish your girlfriend could squat like me?  LOVE!!  I want to start off today by saying how disgusted I am with the bombings that happened in Boston yesterday.  Seriously disgusted.  There just are no words to describe everything I'm feeling, except I truly hope they find who did this and make him/her suffer.

My upper body is so sore from  yesterday, but I have a feeling a lot of that soreness is from cleaning out  closets.  I'm sure some of it is from the push-ups as well.  Do you think I'll ever be able to do push-ups and NOT be sore?  lol  My thighs are sore, but I've resigned myself to just living with sore thighs - ha!  It is what it is!!!

Today's workout is 3 rounds of:
   100 feet of walking lunges (approx. 40 steps)
   50 squats
   25 beached whales, I mean - back extensions  ;)

I will do 46 walking lunges per round just to be on the safe side.  I forgot to mention yesterday that I did 46 lunges instead of 45 - come on!  Did you really think I'd do more on one leg than the other?  Ha-ha!  If I don't cut grass/weeds today, I will also do a programmed workout on the treadmill.  Even if I go up and down the stairs a lot cleaning out closets, I will still do cardio of some sort.
15:06 - WAY better than I thought it would be.  I've noticed that I'm super slow on my first rounds and today was no exception.  I glanced at timer after my first round and it was a tad over 6 minutes and I thought "Jeez!  Get it together!  If I multiply that times 3, my time will SUCK!!"  But, there wasn't too much to worry about 'cause I obviously got it together.  Most folks were doing around 12 minutes, but I'm okay with my 15.  I had to baby my left knee, it got wonky on me doing the last 4 walking lunges on my last round.  Then, when I started the squats, I thought there was no way I was going to finish but it worked itself out and I'm so glad I didn't quit.  It wasn't painful, just felt like a little catch in it.  I hate, hate, hate back extensions!!  I really do.  I did them, but I hated every minute of it!

I did the 5K training run again today.  Just to refresh your memory - run 1 minute, walk 1 minute time 8 rounds.  I finished at 16:00 (of course!) and slowed to a 2.8 walk to finish out my mile.  I did the first 4 rounds at a 2 incline!!  WOOT-WOOT!  That was very hard, but I did it!  My breathing has improved greatly, but it's still just a mental game with me.  My legs were so tired, but I refused to stop during my runs and I did not cut any of them short!  I really wanted to slow way down on the walking segments, but kept them all at 3.0, except for after I finished the 8th round when I was just trying to make it to 1 mile.  VERY happy to say I did NOT hock up a lung at all today - not even during my CrossFit workout!  Such an improvement!!  Makes me happy, happy, happy!

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