Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fit is greater than skinny.  Okay, I'll go with this!  I haven't been skinny in a long while, but I do believe I'd rather be super fit than super skinny anyday.  Especially now that I'm older - to see people who can't walk very far at all as they age is crazy to me.  My mother in law is one of those = she's always sitting around watching t.v. and struggles just to walk to the bathroom.  She used to get up and go all of the time, but has become such a hermit now.  She has a bad back and her doctors all told her to get up and walk around more, and she did for a couple of weeks and felt better so she went right back to what she was doing before (sitting, watching t.v.) and now she's back to where she was.  Only now she says it didn't work, so why bother!  I hope I don't ever get to that point.  I like getting up and doing things and enjoying the outdoors.  I really want to be a healthy/fit person and live to be in my 90's at least.  I'm trying!

I've been lurking around the internet and found myself at  This site has the original CrossFit workouts of the day.  Like I said, I've been lurking and thinking about trying them out. I've started adding a longer cardio workout three times a week to my "Mama" workouts, and have been thinking about doing some of the original CrossFit workouts instead of the scaled down versions.  I looked for today's workout, but it's not posted on their site yet - not a good sign!  My plan is to post both workouts and then choose which one I want to do.  It looks like today I will be doing the "Mama" workout since there isn't one posted yet on the other site.  Maybe it's a rest day?  :)

CrossFit Mamas workout:
   10 rounds of:
      15 Deadlifts w/40-60 lbs
      15 Push-ups

I will also add a pre-programmed treadmill workout today.  This will be my second cardio workout for the week.  However, if we are prescribed running or other cardio (burpees, jump rope) for the remaining days this week, I will still do those.  My goal is to get in at least three cardio days per week, and more is a good thing!  ;)
Just checked with the other site again, and guess what?  Today is a rest day for them, so CrossFit Mamas it is.  My cardio today is cutting the grass with my push-mower, uphill and down...many, many, many times.  :)
NOT doing CrossFit today - I think 2 hours of pushing a lawn mower uphill and down is enough of a workout!  :)

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