Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mr. Owl...How many burpees does it take to make someone throw up?  :)

I have to admit, I'm still on a high from my running progress yesterday AND I can't believe my legs aren't sore?  What's up with that?  I went to bed last night and told Honey-Buns that I was not sore, but I'd bet anything that would mean I wouldn't be able to walk this morning.  But nope...nothing.  Well, just a little twinge, but nothing like they have been.  I'm not complaining...just surprised!

I went to CrossFit Mamas' blog today, but nothing was posted today.  I figured Jenni must have used the wrong date when she was setting up her posts.  I hope that's all it is and nothing serious is going on with her or her family.  Since the Mamas site didn't have anything posted, it looks like I'll be doing the Brand X workout today.  It is a "hero" workout in honor of US Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Justin E. Schmalstieg, 28 from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  And yes...it's a run!

Brand X:
      Run 600  meters (.373/mile)
      2 rounds of:
         25 burpees
         20 pull-ups 
         15 squats
         10 Kettlebell swings, 50 lbs
         5 wall walk-ups
      Run 600 meters

This looks intimidating and my first instinct is modify, modify, modify!!  But, I'm not.  I'll never know if I can do this if I don't try it, right?  I even chose this over the easiest modified one they have posted, but it just didn't look challenging enough - like, I know I could have easily done it.  It is called *buttercups*:
   Run 200 meters to 400 meters (your choice)
   30 burpees
   25 pull-ups
   20 squats
   15 kettlebell swings, 17-50 lbs
   10 hand release push-ups

Brand X posts all weights in "kg", so I have to look up the conversions.  I do know, I won't be using 50 lbs for the kettlebell swings because I use a dumbbell for this and my heaviest dumbbell is 25 lbs.  I don't think I've ever used 25 lbs for kettlebell swings, so that will be interesting to see if I can do it.  Also, I've never heard of wall walkups, so I looked up a video and let me just say, wow.  I will attempt those at least and thank goodness there's only 5 per round!  Here's a link to the video I saw:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuSYnoxBa58    My big concern with these are face-planting!  lol

Y'all wish me luck!
36:58 - Awful, awful, awful time!!  But man!  That was a hard workout!  I think I'm probably more proud of running today than I was yesterday because I wanted to stop SO bad and walk, but I refused to give up and do that!  I did modify this just a touch.  ;)

Ran 400 meters
25 Burpees - these killed me today!
20 Pull-ups - 5 attempted, 15 reverse pull-ups using treadmill handles
15 Squats - something I could do WITHOUT modifying!!
10 Kettlebell swings w/25 lbs - it was the heaviest I have
1 Wall walkup attempt - I wasted a good 10 minutes trying, just couldn't do it
5 Beginner Handstand Push-ups using my weight bench
Ran 400 meters
25 Burpees - hocked up a lung!!
20 Pull-ups - 6 attempted, 14 reverse
15 Squats
10 Kettlebell swings w/25 lbs
5 Beginner Handstand Push-ups
Ran 400 meters

I figured since the total running was 1200 meters, I'd split it into three run segments of 400 meters so I wouldn't have to walk at all.  My total treadmill time was 10:45, which wasn't too bad.  If you were to take off the 10 minute wall walkup attempt, I guess my time was okay.

Oh, I can answer for Mr. Owl...it takes 50 burpees to throw up!  lol    :)


  1. Berta me and jenn are doing this wod today as well! only no modifications for us..I love the look of the one for the pups! you'll do great! those wall walks are hard! doable but hard! good luck, I know you'll rock it :)

  2. It's a catch-22...on one hand I'm excited to try the wall walkups, but on the other I'm afraid I'll face plant! But...it wouldn't be my first face plant - I used to do that all the time with my first burpee attempts!! I know I'll never get better if I don't try, so sucking it up today. This does look like a fun workout, though!