Monday, April 29, 2013

Being challenged in life is inevitable.  Being defeated is optional.  :)  I will say it takes a lot to make me quit - I'm a stubborn person with a lot of self worth, and believe I can do stuff until proven otherwise.  Sometimes this drives Honey-Buns crazy, but when I show that I can he's pretty impressed - as well as I am!  

I hope you all had a good weekend - I certainly did.  I did not do Friday's workout over the weekend, however.  I became a lazy bum.  I know, I know - but I do so much during the week, that by the time Saturday and Sunday roll around I just don't want to do anything!  Honey-Buns won his race again - yay!!  Then, the rain came in.  It's pretty foggy outside and just "icky" feeling, but at least it's not cold.  

Today's CrossFit Mamas workout is the hero workout, "Schmalls", that I did from Brand X last Tuesday, but without any modifications that Brand X uses.  I'm posting it below, even though I'm not doing it again.  I'm going to do last Friday's workout that I missed because it is a rest day for Brand X.

CrossFit Mamas - hero workout:
   Run 800 meters
   2 rounds of -
      50 Burpees
      40 CrossFit sit-ups
      30 1-legged squats
      20 Kettlebell swings, 15 lbs
      10 Handstand push-ups
   Run 800 meters

Brand X:
   Rest Day

CF Mamas from this past Friday:
   As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes-
      5 Push-ups
      10 CrossFit sit-ups
      15 Squats

For those of you doing "Schmalls", it's a tough workout - good luck!!
445 Total Reps - I was 5 squats shy of 15 full rounds.  THAT was a tough workout!!  My abs are done!  I started struggling with sit-ups on round 8.  I was able to complete 10 sit-ups each round without stopping, however, it seemed like I got slower and slower going up.  I did not stop at all doing each exercise, but did take two quick water sip breaks.  The hardest part (other than sit-ups) seemed to be getting up out of the floor to do my squats!!  lol

I went ahead and finished the last 5 squats after the timer went off.  It just amazes me to think in just 20 minutes and a couple of seconds, I did 75 push-ups, 150 CrossFit sit-ups, and 225 squats.  Sounds crazy, but I did it!!  Great start to the week!!  :)

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