Thursday, April 18, 2013

It is not easy, but it is worth it.  Now repeat that every day!  Trust me on this, it IS worth it!!  I know I complain sometimes (especially on run days), but after noticing the things I can now do that I couldn't before is really awesome!  Even yesterday, while cutting grass I did not have to stop and take breaks as often as I did last year.  I could only do 4 "swipes" up and down the hill and I would be SO tired and out of breath - but now?  I made myself stop to drink water so I wouldn't get overheated - no breathing super heavy (not like on the treadmill), no exhaustion, just cutting the grass and getting on with it.  It took me two hours to cut because my weeds (!) were so high and thick in places - especially on the hill that didn't cut last time because my self-propel was broken.  I did repair my self-propel on my mower and trust me, you need that working on the hills that I have!  Of that two hours, probably 30 minutes was pulling weeds out of my flower beds and another 15 or so working on my mower, but I was so hot afterwards!  It was in the 80's here yesterday - beautiful day with enough of a breeze to keep me a little cooled down.  :)

I mentioned yesterday about following the CrossFit Brand X workouts, as well as the CrossFit Mamas site.  I'll be posting both workouts on my blog, but choose which one I want to do.  I'm going to try to choose the harder of the two - I'm really not sure.  I'd love to just cross over to the Brand X but want to make sure that I can do the workouts that they prescribe.  I'm not really sure how many "rest" days they have either.  I love that I have the weekends off at Mamas, so I might still just glance at both.  I still want to include at least three days of some type of cardio per week.  It will just have to be a pick and choose type of deal for now.

CrossFit Mamas:
   15-12-9 reps of:
      Round 1 - Thrusters w/20 lbs
                       Knees to Elbows
      Round 2 - Thrusters w/20 lbs
      Round 3 - Thrusters w/20 lbs

CrossFit Brand X:
   Puppies (which is what I am at this site)
      3 rounds of:
         Run 400 meters (1/4 mile)
         20 Squats

I am considered a "puppy" at this site because I'm a newbie.  If you'd like, you can go there and check it out for yourself.  There are several classifications of "athletes" - Big Dawg, Porch, Pack, and Puppies. They do give modifications for women, but from what I have seen so far, it's usually just the amount of weights used that are modified.  If you want to visit them, their web address is:

As I stated earlier, I will be doing the Brand X workout today - it's cardio AND a run, which is what I've been really wanting to work on.  Let's hope my thighs hold up!  lol
15:38 for the Brand X workout!  Wow!  I'm so happy with my improvement in running - I really, really am!  I ran then entire 400 meters on round 1 (3:38), then squatted, then ran 6 blocks, walked 4 blocks, ran 6 blocks for round 2 (3:56), squatted, and ran 6 blocks, walked 4 blocks, and ran 6 blocks (3:55), then squatted.  Out of the entire 48 blocks of running, I only walked 8 blocks = 1/8 mile!!  AND - no hocking up lungs, not really sucking wind afterwards!  My legs were d-o-n-e or I would have forced myself to run the entire thing.  Definitely next time!  You know how I was worried about my thighs holding up?  Yeah, it was more my calves - ouchie, wowie did they hurt!  I think it's from the tippy-toes pushing the mower uphill, but whatever it was, my calf muscles were tight!  My treadmill time was 11:29, so...that's okay.  My "filler" time included squatting, calf stretches, nose blowing, and water drinking!  I am VERY happy with my running!!  :)  PLUS!  My yard looks great!  


  1. Gina and I did both wod's this morning! But with the four rounds and 50 squats between

  2. I thought about doing both, but I finished up with more yard work today and just don't think I'll have it in me to do both, so I'm just going to do CrossFit Brand X and run - even though I don't feel like it right now, I'm still going to do it! I wondered if y'all were doing something else 'cause you haven't always posted your times lately. Looking forward to getting out of Puppy Dawg stage! lol :)

  3. Lol!! And cardio is helpful with weightloss. We have a little "crossfit" call we've been doing here on our little island in the evenings. Some people wanted us to help them get moving so we decided to do it! It's been fun! That's why we don't always post, we have been picking our own wods. Definitely haven't given up! :) It's just so much fun!!
    WTG with the weight loss! It does give you a boost when the scales go down a bit!
    I'll have to check out the site you are talking about, I just look at
    Have a great weekend :)