Monday, November 26, 2012

This week should be WAY better than last week!  I was sick last week, but still worked out some until my cold moved into my chest.  It really is hard to work out with a chest cold!  I did get out and do yard work several days last week, so I wasn't a complete slug-a-bug.  I even put up most of my outdoor Christmas lights yesterday.  The majority of my property is on a hill - steep incline, so it's practically a workout going from the front yard to the back to my basement to get out my decorations.   Actually, the workout is coming from the back to the front (it's all uphill) and carrying stuff!  My thighs were sore last night, so I know I worked something!!

Today's workout is 5 rounds of:
   20 pushups
   30 lunges
   40 situps
   50 squats
   *Rest 3 minutes in between rounds, but time the rounds only.

I will do my measurements today - I hope they aren't icky - and post those later.  Wish me luck, I do believe I'll need it today!  Hey!  NO running!  :)
Did my measurements - not impressed, so I'm pretending I didn't do them in hopes that they will improve after this week! lol - I did lose 2.5 lbs this week, so THAT'S a plus!!

Man - could I tell I didn't work out some last week.  My legs were like jello towards the end and I only did 4 rounds!  I was hoping/crossing my fingers that I wouldn't fall flat on my ass during the last set of squats!  I don't know about you guys, but the situps took up most of my time.  On all rounds, after completing pushups and lunges, I was only between 1:45 and 2:00.  I did all situps on the weight bench and I could feel EACH and EVERY one!  I was so excited to see NO running today, but those lunges and squats made me squiggly!  My times are below:


Can't wait for tomorrow's workout!  :)

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