Monday, November 5, 2012

6 Week Stats are my new and improved measurements after 6 weeks of CrossFit.  The ones with an asterisk means there was no change from last week :(  But overall, I have lost 15.25 inches which is 2 inches lost this I'm happy with that!! 

Start                             Today                     Difference
42             Bust             39.25                      -2.75*
49            Waist            43.5                        -5.5
56            Hips              53                           -3*
15.5         R Up Arm     15.25                     -.25*
15.5         L Up Arm     15                          -.5
29.5         R Thigh        28.75                     -.75*
30            L Thigh        29.25                     -.75
20.25       R Calf          19.75                     -.5
21            L Calf           19.75                    -1.25

Today's workout is for time:
   5 rounds of...
     Run 400 meters (1/4 mile)
     30 box jump w/18" box
     30 wall ball w/10 lb ball

My time was 49:19 - I DID BOX JUMPS!!!  The last time they were in the workout, I have done step-ups because I couldn't jump, but guess what?  I can jump!!!   Holla!!  I tried to use my 9" aerobic step for the jumps, but that wasn't happening, so I adjusted it down to 6".  But...I did it!!!  :)  SO proud of me!

I used both my treadmill and stationary bike for the run segments.  Treadmill for rounds 1, 3, and 5.  On the first round, I ran .16/mile at 4.3/mph before slowing down to walk the remainder at 3.2/mph.  On round 3, I ran the first 8 block segments (not 2 blocks shy of the first round), then walked up until the last 2 blocks, which I ran.  The final round I ran 8 block segments and walked the rest of the way.  When I did my bike, I pedalled no less than 20/mph and went a full mile for rounds 2 and 4.

This was my first time doing wall balls (I went out of town the last time they were ordered), and I have to say they were pretty fun.  I thought my 4 lb ball was a little too light though.  I might need to invest in a heavier one.

I am sweating like a whore in church and sucking wind, but am so proud of my jumping abilities I could just spit!  :)   What a difference CrossFit has made for me!  Thank you, Jenni!

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