Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thank goodness this week is almost over!  I do believe this has been the hardest week for me doing CrossFit.  Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed EVERY workout, but I have been so exhausted every night this week.  I fell asleep on the couch just a little after 9:00 last night - my husband woke me up at 11:00 to go to bed and I crashed all night long.  My leg muscles (especially my upper thighs) were beyond exhausted last night - no pain, just could hardly move them.  What was (and still is) sore are my abs!  I do believe I will keep using my weight bench for my situps - I think I'm using more of my abdominal muscles that way.  My bench is at a slight decline and I lay back on it (straddling it with my legs) and try to keep my feet on the floor as I come up into the situp position.  My feet of course do NOT stay on the floor and the situps seemed easier, but by the middle part of yesterday's 2nd round I was feeling pain/strain/"the burn" in my abs!  They are definitely letting me know they were used yesterday!  So far it's true what I've said - what seems the easiest seems to leave me the sorest!

Looking forward to today's workout - someone posted like a 5:00/6:00 minute time and talked about how quick it was.  Today's workout is for time, 3 rounds of:
   10 front squats w/30 lbs
   100 jump rope
15:01 - Again, I had the worst time of the day.  I have realized that I can pretty much look at everyone else's times and double it - that's usually what my time ends up being, but today was triple!  NOT good, but I can see such a big improvement on my jumping.  I didn't have to stop and catch my breath or get water - I just kept going until I got my 100 in for each round.  I do jump like one at a time, because I still don't have that whole coordination thing down.  BUT, I'm not tripping or landing on the rope as often as before so that's an improvement as well.

I did the front squats with my adjustable dumbbells and used 50 lbs, 44 lbs, then 31 lbs.  I sure as hell hope I get a decent badonk-a-donk out of all these squats!!!  I'm way late working out and posting today because I've been getting ready to go out of town this weekend.  My husband is racing in Phenix City, AL this weekend and my daughter is coming to stay with my niece so I'll have a nice, dirty weekend going on!!  And by dirty, I mean the racing - it's on a dirt track.  Y'all get your minds out of the gutter!  ;)

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  1. Keep up the great work and don't be discouraged! :) You gotta start somewhere... Although you really don't seem discouraged at all! Have a great weekend! That sounds like a lot of fun!