Friday, November 30, 2012

It's all in the perspective, right?  Here I excited about my workout yesterday (I'm still excited, by the way) and the fact that I ran 1/4 mile on my treadmill as well - when I get a phone call from my sister-in-law.  She needed advice on Christmas gifts for my family and was telling me how tired she was, she'd been in the mall for three hours, she needed to get off of her feet, plus she did a 4-mile run BEFORE going shopping and I was like "Hey!  I ran 1/4 mile today!!"  Of course, she was excited for me (she IS my favorite sister-in-law after all), but I just thought it was funny that she's running 4 miles and I'm running 1/4 mile!  Oh...did I mention we are the same age?  Yeah...we are.  She doesn't judge me or anything, so I felt okay bragging about my 1/4 mile run to her.  I wish she lived closer to us, though - she's in St. Louis - circumstances are keeping them in Missouri for the holidays and that makes me sad.  :/

Off of sad subjects!  I was worried today's workout would be a killer one since yesterday's wasn't so hard (wink, wink).  I didn't mention how sore my ass was last night, did I?  Well, my left glute muscle was EXTREMELY sore last night.  Adding weights to those squats really make a difference!  duh!!!  Anyway, today's workout:
   21-15-9 reps of:
      Deadlift w/40-60 lbs

Quick, funny story about yesterday as well - I follow a page on Facebook called Ripped Goddesses.  It's about girls who work out and they always post inspiring, encouraging quotes and pictures.  Anyway, they posted a "Squat-A-Thon" workout plan for December.  Looked easy enough - one day you do 50 squats, 60 the next, 70 the next, etc.  There are some designated "days of rest", but the squats lead up to 100 squats every now and then for a workout day.  People were complaining...saying 100 squats couldn't be done without injuring yourself, etc.  I was like...umm, we did 5 rounds of different exercises on Monday (or was it Tuesday) where we did 50 squats per round, which totals for 250 squats in one day and I wasn't damaged.  I think that may be why I like CrossFit so much - you do a LOT of exercises in one day, but it doesn't sound like a lot and doesn't always feel like a lot, and before you know it - BAM! - you did 100 pushups, 150 lunges, 200 situps, and 250 squats in ONE workout!  :)
5:32 - 50 lb. deadlifts

Awesome week of workouts!  Starting the December Squat-A-Thon tomorrow.  For those of you that would like to do it with me, here's what we do for the first few days:

December 1st - 20 squats
December 2nd - 25 squats
December 3rd - 30 squats
December 4th - 35 squats
December 5th - 40 squats
December 6th - 45 squats
December 7th - 50 squats
December 8th - 55 squats
December 9th - 60 squats
December 10th - day of rest :)

I will count any squats done in my regular CrossFit workout against the squat-a-thon amount - then add some if I need to.  :)

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